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Zermatt Switzerland – Best Things to do during Winter – Beautiful Alpine Panorama

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Zermatt Switzerland – Best Things to do during Winter – Beautiful Alpine Panorama [Travel Guide 2021

Zermatt Switzerland – Best Things to do during Winter – Beautiful Alpine Panorama [Travel Guide 2021

i’m introducing you to one of switzerland’s  most popular tourist destinations  this is beautiful Zermatt

the gate to heaven!  up in here you can witness some of the best  panoramas of the alps and of course get to  see one of the world’s most famous mountains  the iconic matterhorn strap yourself in and let  yourself being guided through this top winter  holiday destination up in the swiss alps hello  everyone welcome back to my channel djemographic.  right now i’m in Zermatt, which is one of my  favorite towns here in switzerland in here you  can get a lot of breathtaking views but before i’m  starting this video i would like to acknowledge  my sponsor which is the hotel christiania which  has such an amazing spa it’s already my second .

time i’m here the first time

i came here in 2014 a  long time before i started youtubing the hotel is  really great as i said the spa is just fantastic  and the food in here is also very delicious  alright and now let’s get this  episode started there are a lot  of things you can do around here so  let’s go and explore someone toget her the first thing one has to know  is that zermatt is car free  which means that you have to arrive by  train the easiest way to reach is to go  either by car or bus to tesh and  then taking the train to zermatt so the first place would be the Rothorn which  is one of the peaks here in sarmat that can  be visited and from there you will have a  fantastic frontal view over the matterhorn.  Zermatt is a place of amazing local points  which has been attracting tourists for decades  among the viewpoints the one at the rhoton  is less popular than the more famous grodd  and the klein matterhorn however in my opinion in  order to get the best view over the matterhorn  one has to make his way up to the hotel there are three rights to take  the underground train up to suneka  followed by a beautiful  cabin ride up to the Blauherd i’d say the view from over there is already  pretty good in general access to the Blauherd  station is given on a daily base for some  of you this might be already good enough  there are also terrace restaurants to  go for lunch which make this place quite  accommodating to pedestrians by taking  the third ride you eventually will arrive  on top of the Rothorn from where you’ll be  able to enjoy a fantastic alpine panoramanow up here on the Rothorn and we have such  a fantastic view over the matterhorn wow  it’s really brilliant with this blue sky let’s go a little bit closer to the cliff  you’ll see it’s actually quite steep  yeah it looks quite dangerous but the view here  i’ll say it again it’s just brilliant Matterhorn  perfect weather well definitely i can  highly recommend a visit to the Rothorn  so a return ticket costs you 60 swiss  francs but if you use a half talks ticket  then you can get it for only 30  swiss francs which is much cheaper there is also quite a good restaurant up there  which will make your day even more enjoyable  surely it’s a great idea to go for a hot  chocolate or glue wine as you can see there  are definitely many reasons to speak for coming  off to the rotom and then of course you have to  walk around the village it’s very pretty and from  here you have a brilliant view over the matterhorn  wow this is the iconic peak that is  one of the landmarks of switzerland zermatt is one of the most  beautiful villages of switzerland  it’s a typical alpine swiss holiday town  full of traditional houses charles and hotels  when roaming around the village you will see the  old and the new blending together quite nicely  my favorite parts are the river promenade as  well as the old town where you’ll be able to  get to see numerous shuttle houses these  are very typical for the canton of valleys  great is also this lane it’s quite touristy and  it shows how commercialized zermatt has become  yet i find it really enjoyable to walk around  here going for coffees meals or shopping  worth is also a visit to the church since it has  really a beautiful interior ceremony during sunny  winter days is just very nice to experience  looking at the various houses and hotels with  their roofs covered with loads of snow one can  feel the winter wonderland vibes present in here  there are many good reasons to visit zermatt  only on a day trip especially if one just wants  to experience the panorama over the summits and  the view to the matterhorn however after having  visited sarmat for five times in total i felt it  was most enjoyable when having stayed overnight  once the sun disappears during the late afternoon  behind a matterhorn and the darkness sets in  sarmat is starting to glow there are these  15 minutes after sunset where you can see  the contrast between the snow glowing in cool  colors and the many lights spend some warmth to me  this is the moment when the winter  wonderland feeling is coming up the most  thus it’s definitely a great choice to plan  your dinner around one hour after sunset in  order to have enough time experiencing this town  during dusk if you come to Zermatt then definitely  you should take this train that will take you  up to the Gornergrat.

So, the Gornergrat

it’s  a cliff from where you’ll have a fantastic view  over the glaciers and the surrounding mountains  the train ride up to the golden grout is selmat’s  most famous attraction and this for a good reason the way up is really scenic there are a couple of  stops that might be worth going out for  example refill out is good for sledding  while rotenboden is the place to get out  in order to hike down to the little seanor mally the reflection of the Matterhorn can  be seen over there however during winter the  lake is mostly frozen nevertheless it’s quite  fun especially when the ice is thick enough you  can go for sliding my friend johannes  and i had a really great time up there there are also various  hiking trails so one can take  for example this one leading you to the lookout  to the Gorner glacier is really worth it and now let’s proceed to the most popular  attraction of zermatt to the Gornergrat i’m now up here on the lookout on the Gornergrat  .

Right here

we have the star observatory and in  the background the majestic matterhorn yeah this  is really one of the best lookout points you can  get here in termat the gonograd is basically a  long ridge that happens to be perfectly located  from there you can oversee a fantastic panorama  over some very interesting peaks and glaciers  it’s definitely perfect to come up here  especially during sunny weather however  during cloudy days with poor visibility then you  may want consider going up to the Klein matterhorn this attraction is what i call the top  of switzerland the Klein matterhorn or  also called matterhorn glacier paradise is the  place where your chance of getting a clear sky  view might be the highest in order to reach you  need to walk to the upper part of the village  and then you have to take two cable  lift rights up to the tolcano stake  on sunny days you will get a fantastic view over  the meadowhorn which is now much closer to you  this however shall be not enough to you  when being up there you have to take the  telepharic up to the Klein matterhorn  Europe’s highest altitude station being on three thousand eight hundred and  eighty-three meters you will have a great  view over zamat the Gornergrat the Rothorn the  matterhorn which feels like it was an eye level  and then you can also look down  to Breuil-Cervinia in italy  standing on a platform those 2000 or mountains  suddenly feel quite small especially when the  weather isn’t the best likely up there you’ll  be standing above the clouds above heaven costing you 90 swiss francs to come up here  one may ask whether it’s worth to go after  having been to the golden groud and the rotom my  answer to that is definitely going to be yes the  matterhorn glacier paradise is not only about  the lookout but also about the ice palace this  is a very unique attraction that you else  only can experience up on the young fella york  in here you can see various statues carved  out of the ice some typical motifs as the  fighting Eringer Cows, a dragon, the stars of  the canton of valleys and then there is also  buddha and a statue of holy virgin mary all in  all it’s a great attraction with a dramatic view  a wonderful ice palace and for many of you  it’s also the first time experiencing thin air as you can see there are some really great  things that you can do in some mods during autumn  and especially during winter there are a lot more  great things to experience up there of course  skiing is one of the best things that you can do  in Zermatt yet i have to try it out for myself  it’s important to mention that Zermatt is  not only great during cold season it’s also  very exciting to come up here during spring and  summer for sure i will come up again during summer  i really want to try out the five lakes hike to  see the reflections of the matterhorn in the water  something that i think is  going to be very exciting  so that’s the end of this video  i hope you enjoyed watching it  till the next episode please take good care  and we’re going to see each other very soon you

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