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Woman pours her first urine on her face every day for two weeks

Woman pours her first urine on her face every day for two weeks

Could you try this in your beauty routine?
Elaheh is the editor of the Thrillist website and decided to try putting morning urine on her face every day. According to traditional and homeopathic medicine, morning urine can be beneficial for the treatment of various dermatological problems. Elaheh had suffered from skin problems for many years and wanted to give this urine test a chance, even though she was disgusted by the idea.


The substance in urine that is beneficial to the skin is called urea. The urine in the morning is very dense in nutrients, as it has been able to absorb them all night. Elaheh began the experiment by collecting her morning urine and putting it on a cotton swab. She then rubbed it on her face. Surprisingly, it didn’t smell bad, but had a rather sweet smell.


It was probably not the most pleasant experience the editor had ever had, but she continued to apply urine for several days. After just a few days, she discovered that her skin was reacting strongly to urine. It got very dry and started to flake off. Behind the flakes, the woman’s skin turned out to be smooth and beautiful. Wow, we didn’t expect that!


We all want smooth skin, but is it really necessary to use urine to achieve this? Fortunately, this is not the case. Urine is mostly water and “waste”, and only 5% urea. In pharmacies, you will find creams containing 10% urea. It could be much more effective and (an even bigger benefit!) You won’t have to rub your face with your morning urine.

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