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The shots in this is a compilation of shots recorded from multiple trips. We request all viewers to enjoy the wildlife views from the real forest and please do not attempt to travel through forests unnecessarily Welcome everyone to this new video. We are on a trip a trip through the wilderness.

A trip enjoying the beauty of the nature and the views from the forest.Let’s start to that journey The details about this place and location can be seen at the end . Welcome back Our nature has made unlimited sightings for us We always ignore them and we go behind manmade artificial views.We never would have seen these places unless we start traveling.The feel and energy that we get from the nature is incomparable.A herd of elephants are there behind the woods. It sounds like wild dogs are troubling them and the elephants are charging.Elephant sound elephant sound Elephants making sound and moving in group What’s the name of this tree ?

Manimaru thiIsn’t it used to make furniture ? …. Yes it is.. It has good color.Do you stay here ..? Yes.. we stay near by..We can see elephant foot prints on the sand down there.It’s bison foot prints ………. and the whole area looks like a bouquet It’s a “Chooral (a type of cane) plant” .. We rarely get it’s top view.Right now we are very close to Achen Kovil Temple.. We were extremely hungry when we reached here for break fast.We had delicious Dosa Chutney and tea for our breakfast.It’s just beside the road, and the food was outstanding.Brother, what’s your name? My name is Manikandan Swathi hotel, just beside the temple. It’s started just 4 months back.Do you remember Libin, when we were kids, our grandpa used to take us to a coffee shop and there we used to get the Dosa and chutney served on a banana leaf inside the steel plate.Today this breakfast gave us the feel of those days and that food.In fact that dosa has a special fragrance and the reason is the heating smell of the banana leaf as the hot dosa falls on it. Today it gave us that feel Squirrel and Monkey fighting We saw this fruit here in this forest.

If anyone knows about it, please do comment below.Powerful blowing wind and it feels so good..Malabar giant squirrel, there are about 2 of them sitting there on top of the tree We spotted a herd of wild dogs. By the time we focused them they ran away in 2 directions as different groups.2 ……….. 3 …..4…5 counting the spotted deers running..Achenkovil forest is amazingly beautiful We had traveled through various forest regions including Gavi within Kerala, this forest stands special among all of them.It’s a rich forest in it’s resources and a drive of approx 40 kms Though it was a small view, we saw two herds of elephants fighting .I think we got to see many species of animals and birds from this jungle.And it’s not a tourist location. It’s dense forest.However we recommend that no one should travel here to see the forest.Yes don’t come to see the forest, But…in case if you travel in this route, enjoy the beauty of these forests.and don’t come here as groups to see this forests and it’s sure that such people won’t get much sights as well.Instead let’s be responsible and aware that we have such a rich forest here and let’s protect it.At very few areas we saw some plastics littered on the road side.If travelers increase plastic garbage also may increase in this area.See how cool he is riding on a bike through this forest in this night time. We are shivering with fear.As some people are traveling with fear in their mind, we just saw a guy riding his bike even without a helmet..

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