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What to do in Coffs Harbour in A DAYFamily Friendly 2021

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What to do in Coffs Harbour in A DAY Family Friendly 2021

What to do in Coffs Harbour in A DAY Family Friendly 2021

okay good day and welcome back to the dadventures  if you’ve been following our van life holiday  since the last episode we’ve left yamba now  we’re at coffs harbour we only had 24 hours  in coffs harbour with our three and a half year  old

so this is our family friendly version of  what to do in coffs harbour in a day so many  moons ago amanda and i when we first went out  we went to this place called dolphin marine  conservation park taking mikaela today too it’s they live huge australia they do yeah they  naturally live here yeah so the penguins  will they’ll only come down if they’re hungry  and then once they’ve had enough off they go so i’m doing a training session with  miari as well as doing her health check together so we have very  limited mobility in our spines  but they actually have spaces  in between their vertebraes tretchmiri is our youngest female and you can  see she’s a big ball of energy so any  of you with kids i’m sure can relate but  the hardest thing to teach her is patience she was estimated to be  around 15. so 11 15 and 32.yesterdayhey buddy are you going hmm whoai got this i’ve been doing this mark if you haven’t seen the big  full yamba video it’s herewatch it it’s why we’re here today  at this location check it out so guess

what that tips amanda didn’t  know that and she thought she’ll play guns  and guess what happened wow have i been to the big banana  yes i have a million times  but every time she gets here she’s like hey  big banana guess what we’re doing this morning  these totally look like banana sand we’re at the coffs harbour butterfly house smile oh we’re here to see butterflies  but there’s a dinosaur exhibit  or show or whatever it is it’s pretty cool  cheers out ready right right and check it out if you know me i grew up loving Jurassic park who’s at the butterfly house  how random but i like lots  please take a seat boys but wait there’s more we’re going to them azemade it to the mid dlei had a double take i’m like what’s  happening is there like a kid in there sorry you had to see th

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