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Valorant Aiming Guide, Tips and Tricks

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Valorant Aiming Guide, Tips and Tricks

Valorant Aiming Guide, Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone and welcome to skillcapped

I’m Notorious DuB, and today I’m going to begiving you guys the 6 biggest tips to help you guys improve your aim in Valorant.Deveoping your aim is a hot topic right now because we’re seeing a ton of high level and pro play going on where these insane shots and bursts of greatness shine through creating in same high light clips that everyone wants to be able to produce.But the highlight reel plays aren’t something you should be training, those insane plays are the combination of a ton of great habits and incredible technique when it comes to your aim, and tightening up all of the little things is what’s going to make the biggest difference in your play, and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on today to help you go from bottom fragging to climbing those leaderboards to the top.But as always before we get too deep in the video we have to go over our question of the day, and today I want to ask you guys what is one thing that drives you crazy in Valorant? Now personally I love Valorant at this point there are just a few little things that get under my skin on occasion, and the biggest being whenever I tag someone with a bullet,and they continue moving and headshot me while they’re running to cover.This happens because whenever you hit someone with a bullet it counts them as having walkingspeed and their bullets are now completely accurate when they’re still moving as fast as they can to get to cover because they’re in a bad spot.and even though it’s a little rare, it feels so bad whenever it happens.but maybe you guys don’t mind it, and im sure either way you have a ton of other things that trigger you instead, which is exactly why I want to hear from you.so let me know in the comments down below what it is that drives you crazy in valorant.Alright so first and foremost I think everyone agrees at this point that you need to be doing some sort of practice every single day.Whether it’s an aim training routine on Kovaaks or Aimlabs, both of which we have great guidesfor on this channel, or practicing in the range, or just a nice warmup and cooldown that you like to do in deathmatch, you need to do something every day.and this is because it’s been proven among a ton of different games and sports that practicing1 hour a day for 7 days is way more beneficial for skill development than a 7 hour gamin training session in a single day.This is because it takes time for your brain to ingrain patterns, rest the central nervous system, and ingrain muscle memory patterns, and at this point you’ve probably heard that you should be doing some sort of routine everyday, but this is the time to start.so feel free to go to one of our aim training or aim routine videos, or develop your own,but a 15 minute aim training routine is going to be a huge step up in your gaming and performance,and even on those days where you don’t feel like playing valorant, you can still log in,get your aim training done as your waking up or going to bed, and then move on with your day.But developing that consistency is key to linear growth, and not plateauing and stoppingimprovement.Ad Next up, and arguably the most important thing I want to stress in this video, is to stop over peeking angles.and the reason this is so important is because in Valorant it seems like over peeking and ferrari peeking is an epidemic that spans all of the ranks, and it’s causing you to lose a ton of fights because your time to kill is way higher than it needs to be.and when we talk about “aim” it’s less about how Hiko can whip his mouse around when he gets in terrible positions and fight his way out of them, but more about how he can peek angles and hit headshots insanely fast and with such consistency.Whenever you’re peeking corners I see way too many people continue swinging angles one after the other, never slowing down, and waiting on their brain to recognize that an enemy is in their field of view before they slow down, correct their crosshair and then fire.But average human reaction time sits somewhere around 200 milliseconds, and then you have to slow down to a stop before you’re accurate with your bullet anyway.and the reason you watch someone like Aceu or Tenz peek a corner and kill an enemy before you even realize they were looking at someone is because they’re slowing down their peek before their brain recognizes an enemy is there.You should be peeking and clearing angles one by one as if you’re about to fight someone sitting in that angle, that way your body is already slowing down and whenever your brain recognizes the enemy you can immediately get your shots off.This may take a little bit longer to clear angles, but is way worth it because your time to kill is going to plummet as a result of this proper peeking technique, and you’re going to stop overexposing yourself to multiple angles at once, and be able to take fightsone at a time.So stop waiting on your brain to tell you what to do, and be always peek angles as if you’re about to fight the person in the angle that you’re peeking.and of course we have to talk about crosshair placement because it’s one of the biggest ways to bring down your time to kill, and when used in combination with the proper peeking technique that we talked about earlier, is going to be way more important than the point and click aim that we’re about to get to.Now crosshair placement is simply keeping your crosshair on the enemy as much as possible,and with that you use your movement to give yourself free kills.Because even at the highest level of play,

your aim will never be perfect and comple telyconsistent

so giving yourself the least distance to move your mouse possible is going to decrease your time to kill significantly, and greatly increase your aiming consistency.and crosshair placement looks 2 different ways, there is the much easier way to go about cross hair placement that is always going to be good, but not optimal.This is when you you swing angles and have your crosshair just on the inside of the corner that you’re peeking, that way as the enemy comes into your field of view, you can guarantee your crosshair will atleast be close to the enemy.and this should be your go to strategy whenever you’re not completely familiar with the are aor angle that you’re peeking into, or when you’re clearing off angles or angles that you don’t really expect, but need to check anyway.Like if you’re walking up B long on Bind you should constantly have your crosshair on the closest corner of the entrance to Garden so you can guarantee your crosshair near the enemy if you catch someone off guard, or if someone catches you off guard coming up to peek the site. and the other form of crosshair placement is the pre-aiming style, where you’re completely familiar with your area, are predicting where the enemy is going to be playing and are clearing angles 1 by 1 very methodically.Here you should be swinging every possible angle an enemy could be playing, and putting your crosshair exactly where you think the enemy’s head is going to be, right beside the angle they could be playing.This way you are perfectly prepping yourself to hit the shot, and swinging the angle perfectly at the same time.This should be the go to whenever you’re playing by yourself or with one other person and taking it nice and slow, and coming up a congested area like Showers on Bind where you can clearout every little angle one by one without risking over peeking into multiple spots.and working both of these crosshair placement styles into your game is going to be key to drastically reducing your time to kill.Next we have developing your point and click aim, and the best way to develop your rawaiming ability is to realize that there are two types of aim, wrist aiming, and arm aiming.and everyone is going to be using a combination of both, if you have a high sens you’re going to be mostly wrist, and low sens players are going to be mostly arm aimers, but you’re always going to be using the other as well, and you should be training both of them.a very simple way to do it is to set yourself up in the practice range, turn on easy bots,and focus on hitting your headshots by only moving your wrist.Then you can do the exact same thing by moving only your arm, but this way you’re developing your ability to do both, and ingraining that muscle memory.The key to being hyper consistent in your aiming ability is to always be taking fights that are in comfortable range of motions for your arm and wrist aiming ability.and by training both that wrist aim and that arm aim, whenever you’re using them together in game you will have a much better developed range of control, and you’ll be hitting shot smuch easier and more consistent because you’ll be much more familiar with the range of motion.People love to say they are a wrist aimer, or an arm aimer, but the truth is everyone is a combination of both, and it’s the synergy between both movements that creates consistency,and the goal is make both your arm, and your wrist as coordinated as possible when it comes to aiming to be as accurate as possible.And another huge factor when it comes to developing incredible aim is to make sure you’re fo cusingon accuracy over speed.The speed will come because slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.we see people like tenz with lighting fast aim and insane grid shot scores, but it’s not because he can move his mouse at insane speeds.

we all can move our mouse at faster speeds than he does in grid shot, but keeping that accurate is the problem. and by focusing on having smooth movements to your target in straight lines and stopping right when you get to the target you will be developing those good habits that you will then speed up over and over. you can’t hit fast shots because you can move your mouse fast, you can hit fast shots because the muscle memory is so ingrained in your brain that you can execute that flick and that micro correction flawlessly without even thinking about it, and that’s when it become san automatic response and seems like lightning fast reflexes. Your time to kill on opponents is going to be drastically increased if you focus on hitting fast shots and you over flick and have to micro and just back, or you move your mouse suboptimally in a shape to get to their head or body or even when you focus on hitting fast shots so much that you delay your reaction time by focusing on making the initial movement as fast as possible instead of just letting your body react correctly and start the flick as soon as you see the enemy. after all, aiming isn’t an intentional thought that you have in your brain, it’s a reaction and the best way to develop that reaction and speed it up is to give yourself a good foun dation of good habits to then speed up and be able to rely on. and finally, you have to stop crouching so much, and when I say stop crouching, I don’t mean completely stop crouching, but stop crouching for no reason. we see Pros and high level players crouch all the time whenever they get into fights , but you don’t realize how much of an impact crouching has on your aim, because the difference is, pros have spent thousands of hours developing the ability to seem lessly transfer their sprays into a crouching spray, while correcting their aim, and only crouching when they actually need to. the normal person instantly crouches whenever they start shooting taking their cross hair off of the enemies head, and taking it down to the enemies chest instead, making your shots unnecessarily hard to hit, and making those first two shots slower and more difficult. not to mention you’re also making yourself slower to get back to cover after you stop firing because you have to take that time to stand back up as well. The only time you should be crouching is when you get caught out in the open, and you’re in an extended fight, you shoul be crouching when shooting your first shots because you’re throwing yourself off and increasing your time to kill. The crouch should be used as a recoil control tool where you crouch to pull your crosshair down and keep yourself on target with your bullets, so stop crouching out of habit, and only crouch when you need to And remember, if you want to improve, win more gun fights, and get the rank you’ve always wanted then check out skill-capped.com, Link in the description below. But what’s your guys best tip for improving your aim and decreasing your time to kill ? let me know in the comments down below, and while you’re down there make sure to hit that button, and turn those notification bells on, because we here at skill capped have a ton of comprehensive, premium guides coming your way that you’re going to want to stay up to date with, so you can stay ahead of the pack. but as always I want to thank you for spending this little bit of your day with us, and Im Notoriousdub, signing off English All From your search Valorant Riot Games related From Skill Capped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides Recently uploaded

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