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Traveling in an RV a huge prayer wheel was found in the ancient city 2021

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Traveling in an RV a huge prayer wheel was found in the ancient city 2021

Traveling in an RV a huge prayer wheel was found in the ancient city 2021

We want to send some thingThis one needs to be packed in a wooden box Hit a wooden box with this Make a longer wooden box This is a bit heavy I’m afraid it’s broken Then this one can be packed in a carton When you go back then see how much the wooden box is The total cost of these cartons I’m with that number Is it this after adding you?Good luck Okay.

Anyway you can tell me from the top How much is it Haole

send it away Go now Where is my camera A cup of lemon tea Visit the ancient town Now back again Where to go Looking at the building far away, it is said to be the whole world The largest warp drum is very large Close to a 5-story pavilion One or two people, three or four people, four or five people Five or six people can’t turn It takes a dozen or twenty people to move like this We go climbing nowIt is copper plated with goldIn side is pure copper copper skin Then gilded Up the mountain we want to enter the park After climbing the mountain, you can overlook the entire ancient city Climb the mountain at such a high all titudeI think I have to climb and rest Climb and rest Summit From here you can really overlook the whole town But blocked by a tree a bit badly Let’s go around firstYes, you can overlook the whole town from here There are no rules for the construction of this house He doesn’t have a unified orientation Keep going around This is his Big Buddha Temple There is a golden dome on it,

But I can’t see it from this position Climbing high and looking into the distance

I finally found a piece Good viewing plat form Because now everyone sees all the same color This kind of roof is repaired from behind So most of its repair projects are rough and simple And was anxious to fix itA lot like this kind of repair is done Rented out this house Leased to outsiders to do business Very few locals do business here So I can’t see it anymore The look of the ancient town before the fire Because the current workmanship includes wood Like I just took a closer look at this carved beam Very rough I saw a few beams and door beams before The carving on it is very fine In front of the world’s largest prayer bucket Let’s go down and have a look Really incapableMoved4 people moved There are still people over there can It’s okay Can be relaxed like this It’s difficult to start. This starts like a car.The ground is mainly too slippery Don’t turn too fast Can’t stop OK, alright Still able to rotate There are people behind Is it like this too heavy Look from a distance, he’s still spinning See how tall I can’t even shoot in my wide angle So beautiful It’s a bit shocked to sit down and watch Especially this location is shiny It is made of copper Then it’s not cast copper skin Then plated gold Gilded So it looks golden afterwards very beautiful Can’t take a wide angle See if this wide-angle shot can be taken It’s really not easy to turn this thing around Shangri-La Thangka Art Academy It really takes patience But I don’t know much about others Because I also study art Blue pigments are particularly expensive So that when painting the starry sky The blue one is very expensive Called a kind of malachite There is also a kind of pigment called Qingshan Stone This picture looks good I still feel like I can see it But this one is drawn with that stroke at a glance Can this box be changed to a smaller one Yes that’s it I bought a pair of thangka at the thangka painting academy Take it back to see if there is a place on the car I’ll send it home if there is nowhere to put it Hang in our house A very beautiful thangkaThe sun here is almost covered After all, we still need solar power And the person squeezed next door to this location can’t get in the car I can come up There are no cars on either side of this stop Just can stop on a stand This place is good There is also a car on the opposite side Actually, there is no need to have a car on the opposite side It’s nice to stop here We get back to the car Let’s enjoy our thangkaWindows open first I said no need to pack But Miss Sister insisted on wrapping it up for meI took off my clothes first, it’s a bit hot This place has 100% electricity at noon I’m sorry. I’m going to charge my second child Or it’s wasted Fully charged Full power in the afternoon So we have to turn this on a UPSDian Er is fully charged We just took out our thangkaThis one is actually one that I like very much After watching for a long time, only this painting is the most exquisite first we have to glue it up It’s a waste to use this We are going to use scissors to cut this one into thin stripsSection by section because our car usually It’s all on the move, it’s easy to get bumps and shakes If you hang it on the wall Easy to fall off We stick it on the car first When to go home Take it off and hang it home That’s it for us stick it piece by piece, glue it all upA bit time consuming It won’t fall off easily if you stick it on When i want to take it down Just use a hair dryer to blow it to the side It will fall off naturally it’s no use Take a look I remember he put it like this I posted it here This will not affect opening the door Because there is no place to put it in my whole car Unless it’s on the refrigerator this place will affect the thickness of this place Only this door is on it

just stick this door

What height do we want to post Stick to a height that we feel comfortable Great Then press down every corner completely Can be perfect OK, let’s do it again The two small bells we bought just now It’s very crispy This is like this Then we give it to the bottom, this pendant is slightly bigger Because our car has this kind of drop Plan to replace it This little pendant just fell below He happens to have a knot here The following one is tied to it Here is another knot Set a knot, just cut the knot Do we want to put on these beads All right The sound is crisp Okay, these are the useless things that are removed

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