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Top Australia Zoo

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Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

good day and welcome to Australia Zoo my mum and dad brutha zoo from what it was only a really small reptile park to what it is today isn’t it incredible let’s go check it out at Australia Zoo you can meet all of these awesome animals so we’ve got a little macaw here we’ve go ta really beautiful little koala and we’ve also got an awesome alligator have a look at this at Australia Zoo it’s always hands-on this little girl here .

is an Asian small-clawed otters they repretty cute aren’t they but when dad used to come in here this was actually one of the few animals that he was actually terrified of because when ever he came into their enclosure they would actually sort of start attacking him which was pretty funny but now they’re a lot more settled have a go at our gorgeous Aldabra tortoises and I always think that if the food isn’t good enough for me then it’s not good enough for the tortoises you and Sam see you later guys modern day crocodiles like those guys were home or different 75 million years ago they were this size and at edinosaurs this is a sarcosuchus a soccercircus was a 12-meter long predator that’s 40 feet my dad absolutely love dinosaurs in fact he even made adocumentary about them and when you come to Australia Zoo you get the chance to climb one of these amazing reptiles whatever your favorite animal is when you come to Australia Zoo you’re definitely sure to find it now my sister bindis favorite animal ahthese guys the echidna now the echidna are really really fascinating because basically the most obvious thing is these incredible spikes with their food what

we’ve got is we’ve got kind of like a mixture of squished insects mince meato live oil all kinds of things and when you come to visit you can actually visit these guys and what we’ll do if you’re game enough will actually put the food on your toes and then the echidnas will actually come along and lick the food out of your toes so it’s pretty pretty fun hey pindy Hey look at our gorgeous little tiger cubs aren’t they just awesome so these little tiger cubs just like me and bindi are the next generation of Australia Zoo welcome to Africa a savanna is as big as Africa Paristrolley zoo even the littlest people canmake the biggest animals so this guy’s DJ and he’s a massive two-ton rhino he’s awesome isn’t he kiss from the age of 12can come and visit Australia zoo and feed our zebra crikey it’s the only place in the world that you can do it now there’s actually more than one way to feed a giraffe boy first so this year is a little water dragon

now when you come to the Australia Zoo you’ll often see these little guys running around every where all over the zoo and they reactually wild so don’t think any animal shave escaped when you come to Australia Zoo you can’t pick these guys up you can just enjoy them from afar cuz I am atrained professional hey guys how you going I absolutely love one but this so cool they’re kind of like Australia’s bulldozers of the bushand did you know that they’re actually the closest relative to a koala one of my favorite things about them is if you look here at her little bottom it’s actually if you feel that it’s really really hard and what that’s designed foris when a predator comes along she actually burrow down down and then she’ll press her backside up and then since it’s so hard the predator actually can’t grab it but what’s also in credibleis these guys can actually run so fast they can run up to 40 K is an hour so they’re pretty amazing welcome to the Australia Zoo Wild life Hospital

where the busiest wild life hospital in the world we’ve treated over51,000 animals let’s check it out now this is a gorgeous little koala named classic Kenny so he was actually unfortunately hit by a car and he broke his arm but you can see here this is called a neck external fixation device so that’s just there on his arm and that’ll help him recover really quickly so it’s really sad because that’s what we see very often is koalas being hit by cars and they’ll also often be attacked by dogs so it’s really sad and we actually get around 90 koalas a mont hin to wildlife hospital so this little blue tongue lizard was actually brought in by our rescue year because she’s actually been attacked bya dog the rescue unit actually goes out every single day and rescues all of these animals English .

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