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The long way round SWAZILAND 2021

5 min read
The long way round SWAZILAND 2021

The long way round SWAZILAND 2021


Hello Excuse me Driving license Driving license Yes Good morning Internet, it is 8:15 in the morning and welcome back to the as you can see, Savanna is all loaded up and ready to goI am now in a small place called Kaaps chehoop Last night there was a lot of rain again but now it is dry so let’s see, I will show you on the map what the plan is for today So I am now somewhere here and my plan is to kind of go to this part of South Africa and of course the most logical route would be just go straight here Very loud birds here Shhh Okay so the most logical route would be to go straight through Swaziland or Eswatini but going through Swaziland means that first I have to find a clinic here in South Africa do a Covid test, then I have to do another test so

I have to go again

to a clinic some where in the capital doa test so in any normal time of course I would explore another country you know me but I think now it doesn’t really make any sense to me so that iswhy I decided to ride around Swaziland so then I have to ride around here an din this whole area there is just nothing interesting to seeSo I am planning to ride today to Pongola which is around here so from Kaaps chehoop to all the way here is about 400 kilometers and well there is nothing that I could find of interest to visit along the way So let’s see, I think today is just going to be a full dayon South African roads and I will just see what happens that is the plan so let’s go So I am now taking a slightly shorter route cutting off about 30 – 40 kilometers and this is the road to Barberton Oh this is a fantastic road Tempera tures are great it will probably be around 20 degrees today Which is perfect although the more I am heading towards Pongola the hotter it should get Okay maybe I have to take back what I said before about the condition of the road My mirror keeps on coming in I am missing my adventure mirrors should have brought them with meOh you got these ruts that run across the road like this Those you can not avoid you have to take them like these ones The road has taken a little bit of a beating herewith the most recent rains I think It is quite some washed away stuff Barberton this way Looks like they have run out of 95 every where 93 is also fine but if I can I use 95, it is just a little bit better Only 93 – Only 93? – Just that sideOh here no 93? – No 93 Ah okay, okay93So that area over there, those mountains I think that must be Swaziland over there Hello Excuse me Driving license – Drivers license, yes Where to?Sorry?

Where are you going

I am going to Pongola Pongola – Yes GPS – Ja Okay have a good day See you School is out some where Lots of kids School uniforms Primary school some where there Cows on the high way Guys what are you doing here?Welcome to Pongola Are you lost?No.. I am looking for a lodge Dive Inn guest lodge Dive ? – Dive In Dive Inn? Ah okay!Right, right Right next to the N2So I go back like this?I can go and show you if you want? – Ah okay cool yeah Awesome, thanks Just going to turn around – Yeah right Wow what a service He is going to show me a nice place to stay That is great Ah great Cool thanks!I will ring the bell, thank you. Alright see you, ByeOkay, so this is rather random but I really desperately need a hair cutThe hairdressers have been closed in the Netherlands for2 and half months or so so I didn’t manage to get a hair cut before I came to South Africa and I am in desperately need, so I asked the ladies here if they knew a hair dresser and they rang one of their favourites She is like you can come now so I got directions to where it is, let me see again get out, left some thing like that okay I think I memorized the directions Let’s quickly go there Ah watch it, hello?hello?Turn left here, Fishaways that was one of the directions, Steersturn left and then there is a building Now I think this is wrong going wrong Let’s check the directions again Garage BPCash Build Must be here then Ah yeah I think soNo I need to find stairs Yes stairs Must be here Hair boutiqueYes!Hi!Hello, how are you? – Good and you?Good, good!OkayAh and the hair is done!Alright, tick that off the list And now the first thing I am going to do is ..put my helmet onAh that is always the sameI am always disappointing hairdressers They make it all look nice and pretty and then I am like yeah okay, nice and put my helmet on See ya Well I guess that was another day done Can’t say it was the most wildest … crazy day but it was nice, did some nice.. riding on dirt did some nice riding on tarmacscenery was beautiful Yeah was a good day and I got my hair cut so what else do I want right?And now I am just closer to a more interesting are a with more things to see So I think the main thing of today was anyway to cover that 400 kilometers and I have to say Savanna did really nice Why is this taking forever?In the beginning I was a little bit worried that the seatswas going to be very uncomfortable but actually it was fine I think it took maybe two days to get used to it Now it is totally fine, it doesn’t bother me at all to be honest I think I had more pain when I was riding Basanti in the beginning This is a bit messy It is taking forever Where I am going?.

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