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Nick Ardizzone, chief narrative designer, Julia Nardin, chief narrative and Rob Adams, artistic director of the Symbiote Season, all employees of the Bungie studio, come back to us on the design secrets of Destiny 2 and in particular on the new Raid of the Glass Cellar. A place that will bring back memories to the oldest players of the franchise, born in 2014. players will find a place well known to the most loyal of them: The Glass Vault. Why did you choose to come back?

The Glass Vault is the classic Destiny raid experience, and we’re excited to be back! For new players, we wanted to make sure they could participate in the same raid that guild members have been talking about for years. For our veterans, we wanted them to be able to return to their favorite raid and find it as they remember it, then fight with all the new weapons and abilities they’ve gained since Atheon’s last destruction!

How far in advance do you plan and work on the story and content of Destiny? Do you have a vision for what Destiny will be like in the next five years?

We are working on several versions in advance and have between three and four seasons ahead. Everything is serialized, in view of the next season or the next series of releases. Have you ever readjusted the story based on fan feedback?

We are committed to telling stories our players will enjoy and listening to community feedback is important to our process. We don’t change things like character motivations or main plot points based on these comments, but it informs our approach.

For example

a popular fan theory was circulating during the Season of the Ascended that Saladin ordered the attempted assassination of Zavala. Even though Saladin doesn’t always agree with Zavala, he has a deep respect and affection for him – he was his mentor, after all. We wanted to end these rumors during Season of the Symbiote, so we made sure to include some lore in which this theory is completely debunked and provides fans with a more in-depth look at Saladin’s character. It’s also a good way to recognize some conversations in the gaming community as conversations that probably also occur in-game among Guardians. When it comes to storytelling, Destiny presents a big challenge as its storytelling has been evolving for seven years now. What are the most difficult points to manage from this point of view?

Nick Ardizzone

Our universe is large and populated with complicated characters, so we try to make sure our seasonal stories are clear and easy to understand, even for new players. For example, in Season of the Symbiote, we put Mithrax back in the spotlight. It’s been a long time since players had the opportunity to interact with him, so we made sure to reintroduce him. Even if you’ve never heard of Mithrax before, history will show you who he is and what he values. It’s important to us that players don’t feel like they need to memorize everything in our world to participate. If people want to learn from the community, now is a great time to get started.
Nick Ardizzone, in charge of narrative design at Bungie.

There is a colossal job in terms of artistic direction. Does the fantasy side of Destiny make it easier for you to imagine an extraordinary world or do you impose constraints on yourself?

We can create just about anything imaginable and it will usually fit in one way or another.
When we explore a new visual look, like a new palette, for example the Vex Network, we look at the following criteria: Is it suitable for the world of Destiny (visual language, tone, themes)? Is this new approach to something we don’t already have adequate? Does it fit into our established narrative and help tell this evolving story? Does she have a distinct look and style that we would like to reuse, for example, would we do more places in this style? Do we have the resources to create this look? Does it serve the imagination of the player? If the answers are yes, then that is probably a good direction to take.

What advice would you give to players who will venture into this new season?

We have a lot of great story elements and some fun new weapons, so there’s no bad place to start this season! Players can advance the story of Mithrax and the Endless Night at their own pace, so it’s up to them to decide whether they want to start playing through the Override and Expunge missions, or just roam the Eliksni district. and learn more about the House of Light. Uncovering the secrets of the Vex network will take the whole season, so if people want to learn from the community, now is the perfect time to get started!

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