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Driven in particular by the success of the PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Switch, the video game sector is still recording record figures. Here is our selection of the best video games not to be missed this year on consoles, PCs and smartphones.
It should be noted that this selection will change over the months and will therefore be regularly updated according to the favorites of the editorial staff .
The eighth episode of the famous horror saga created 25 years ago,

1 Resident Evil Village

propels us into a sinister village in Eastern Europe. Ethan Winters, hero of this adventure, will go in search of his daughter Rose, kidnapped by the mysterious mother Miranda and her furious acolytes.
From the start RE8 sets the tone with monsters appearing on all sides and an Ethan who shoots anything that moves. Seen in the first person requires, we sometimes have the impression of playing an FPS as the gun fights are numerous. The shotgun is our best friend here. This does not prevent this new opus from delivering a journey with a dark atmosphere, sometimes stifling. A sublimated atmosphere thanks to the beautiful scenery with ultra realistic light effects on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Beautiful, intense, sometimes gently creepy, this episode, while being very “action” oriented, quickly turns out to be gripping. A shooter in “horror movie” mode more than a survival horror.
Long confined to Asia in general and Japan in particular, the saga, born in 2004, was a worldwide success in 2017 with Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with more than 16 million sales. Building on this success, the Japanese publisher Capcom is therefore putting the cover back on with a brand new hunting adventure exclusive to the Nintendo console . It’s hard not to be amazed by the graphics quality of the game and that, from the first minutes.
The publisher has not played the recycling card even if the Monster Hunter formula remains unchanged. We go on a hunt, alone or in a group because the game is played once again online, as long as we subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service, but also locally.

2 Monster Hunter Rise

is one of those video games that requires real personal investment to be enjoyed. The price to pay in a way to discover an incredibly rich universe.
Nintendo continues to port the best video games of its mascot to Switch. The unmistakable mustachioed will accompany this month of February with Super Mario 3D World , a title released on Wii U in 2013 and which is making a big comeback with, as a bonus, a new adventure: Bower’s Fury.
For players who would have missed this game a few years ago, remember that Super Mario 3D World mixed the best of 3D and therefore levels designed to be explored like a 2D world. A particular choice which sets this episode apart in the saga which had taken a very different turn since the unforgettable Super Mario 64 (1996).
If some players regretted not having been entitled to Super Mario 3D World in the Super Mario 3D All Stars compilation published at the end of last year, here is their wait finally rewarded. Like any good Mario game, this opus deserved its place in the Switch game library, while the commercial failure of the Wii U had not offered the success that this game would have deserved. Back in 2021, Mario is therefore in great shape in a rich and user-friendly game that even has the luxury of offering himself a new story through the very successful Bowser’s Fury. A good way to wait before a next installment of the adventures of the mustached man in the blue overalls.

3 Super Mario 3D World

Bowser’s Fury, Nintendo, on Switch. Can’t stand your other half anymore? It Takes Two invites you to reconnect with her for a funny, intense and intelligent adventure. Remember, that’s also how you saw her before… To each his own specialty. After Brothers A Tale of Two Sons (2013) then a Way out (2018), artist Josef Fares delivers a new and surprising adventure that begins with a couple decided to separate. An original game that can only be played … with two people.
May and Cody are an exhausted couple on the verge of hysterics. They are tired of this married life that they endure more than anything else. Their little girl, Rose, does not want her parents to divorce, like all children. With the help of a magical book, the Book of Love, she will try to patch up her parents in a strange way. A few tears shed will be enough to transform the disillusioned parents into a wooden and rag doll precipitated in a disproportionate universe.
Placed under the sign of mutual aid and cooperation,

4 It Takes Two

allows two players to live a unique experience by creating a real link between the two protagonists. Without being new, the concept here has the merit of being perfectly balanced and of being renewed in an intelligent and fun way.
When horror video game specialists offer an adventure exclusive to Xbox Series X / S , the result is bound to be shivering.

5 The Medium

is a title exclusive to the new Xbox Series X / S consoles and PC.
The adventure begins at the end of the 90s, in Krakow (Poland), in a small funeral director. This is where Marianne says goodbye to her adoptive father. This is also where the player understands that the young woman has certain powers. She can indeed communicate and move in the spirit world. A capacity which, on the screen, results in certain passages where the action is visible simultaneously on both planes. Original.
Once again, Bloober Team traces in broad strokes the dark designs and springs of the human soul for a sometimes chilling but nevertheless seductive adventure which has already won over many players around the world. It climbs unashamedly into the top of the best video games of the year.
Available on PS4 and Switch,

6 Persona 5 Strikers

always takes us to Tokyo where we find all the heroes of Persona 5 Royal (2020) who have successfully completed their quest in a parallel world that “polluted” the Japanese city, denouncing the vice, corruption and crime that came to haunt our real world.
If Persona 5 fans will quickly find their marks, Atlus however imagined this sequel in another gameplay setting, since the publisher asked the Koei Tecmo teams to offer us an action-oriented title. Understand that the fighting takes place here in real time and leans more on the side of the beat them all, facing a horde of enemies.
Having become one of the reference video games for all J-RPG fans, Persona 5 offers itself with Strikers an excellent sequel, able to seduce a new audience of curious people accustomed to more action. It will however be necessary to invest to appreciate this new scenario, built like a road trip under acids, with its pop demons and its connected world, true social chronicle of our connected time. Persona 5 Strikers, Atlus, on PS4 and Switch.
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … Presented under its full name, Square Enix’s new J-RPG will intrigue those who have never heard of it. And yet, seasoned players were eagerly awaiting this new version of an adventure launched in 2010.
What about this unpronounceable figure some would say? You just have to remember that this is the square root of 1.5, a joke of the developers who intend to offer a major remake of this excellent title which founded the legend of the NieR saga and of which the most popular Automata was able to magnify the concept in 2017. A remake?

Yes, but not a simple graphic redesign. NieR Replicant version 2021 expands its dialogues, expands its bestiary and reinterprets brilliant musical compositions, before offering itself an alternative ending yet unpublished.
Welcomed as an unidentified video game object when it was released eleven years ago, NieR offers itself a version that lives up to its fame. The international success of NieR: Automata helping, it seemed obvious to rehabilitate a title of such magnitude.
In the wake of so-called “demanding” video games, Returnal propels the player into a mysterious SF universe where death lurks at every moment. Troubling and exhilarating at the same time …
It all starts with a crash. That of Selene and her spaceship Helios, somewhere on the strange exoplanet Atropos. The starting point of an adventure that takes the form of a sci-fi thriller action game. The site of this crash will very quickly no longer have any secrets for the player who will return there again and again, tirelessly, to better set out again to explore the mysterious planet.
Because, as this PlayStation 5 exclusivity suggests, we very often return, after each death, to this starting point.

7 Returnal

follows the trend of these titles where we repeatedly die. Adventure with multiple inspirations, Returnal manages to demonstrate his own singularity. Difficult, hard but fair, the title of Housemarque offers a quickly exhilarating challenge as long as we manage to hang on and start over and start again the same passage, the same fight… Until reaching a kind of saving perfection.
Epic SF fresco, Outriders takes players to the far reaches of the galaxy to engage in spectacular battles, alone or with two sidekicks. After several decades spent through space, the last survivors of Earth reach the planet Enoch. A place where humanity could be reborn from its ashes. But things will not go as planned … As soon as they arrived, the settlers found themselves confronted with a hostile environment but also with strange magnetic storms. Taken at the heart of these, some of them will develop supernatural abilities and become the Outriders.

8 Outriders

is above all a great spectacle shooter. Enough to create a tailor-made fighter before going into battle and “rushing into the heap”. A simple and explosive concept that could do good after these more or less confined days.
With Fantasian, Apple has given carte blanche to Hironobu Sakaguchi (father of many episodes of Final Fantasy) and his studio Mistwalker to offer a real J-RPG to Apple Arcade subscribers . Its originality? The game and its settings were entirely designed on the basis of dioramas, those miniature scenes and landscapes that model enthusiasts are familiar with. Sakaguchi and his teams have indeed almost entirely created the world of Fantasian based on this principle, which offers a very photo-realistic virtual world since everything has been designed by hand.
Fantasian leads us to discover the fate of Leo, an amnesiac hero who awakens in a mechanical city filled with mysteries. If the game mechanics remain classic on the whole,

9 Fantasian

remains dynamic and catchy and turns out to be an excellent title in the RPG category on the Apple platform.
Expected since 2017, Narita Boy had the effect of a small bomb when it was officially launched at the end of March on consoles and PC. In this action game, tinged with platforms, dazzling pixel art leads one to venture into the bowels of a computer program threatened by a virus.
Like the film Tron (1982), the developers dematerialize a young gamer to send him into a virtual world where a small digital people are waiting to be delivered from HIM, the name given to the big bad virus that threatens them. You then play as the chosen one, in the person of Narita Boy, who – like Neo in The Matrix – will have to save the universe. If this falsely philosophical fable will be able to amuse some, it is especially in its progression that this game will leave a good memory to the players who will try it. A game which, without being revolutionary, enjoys an interesting and neat atmosphere.

In the great lineage of video games dedicated to ninjas such as Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Spirit, the French François Pérez, alias Wonder boy , has just published a new pearl of the genre: Tanuki Justice. A game in the purest arcade tradition that offers a remarkable challenge on Switch and PS4, as our full test already explained.
Tanuki Justice is a sensitive game driven by the passion of its developer who has no other claim than to entertain during short games, which will remain so intense that you will come back to it regularly, if only to blow the high. -score or prove to you that you haven’t lost your hand. We also welcome its welcome two-player mode to share frenzied games.

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