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how is it going? We are here in The Portofino Hotel & Marina Hotel in Redondo Beach.We are here over the weekend because it’s our anniversary. Hi Mommy. Hi guys! We just got here and we’ll do a room tour right now. So Number 1.We also brought Aiden’s high chair here. Hahaha! Because it’s quite hard to feed our baby. It’s not big a room, this is the toilet it’s pretty good, pretty good size with bathtub and shower also.But this is the reason why we got this room,the view of the ocean. Wait let me show you.So guys, our baby is enjoying, yes! because he is getting everything he wants.There are “ducks” and which are birds (for Aiden)There is an ocean which is “sharky” (for Aiden). and there are ships Our baby is very happy.It’s a pretty straightforward room.This is the bed, that is the balcony, that is the rest room if you come inside, it’s quite narrow.But we don’t really pay for that, we pay for the view which is amazing.It is also windy.Actually, the hallways is weird because it’s my first time to pass in a hallway which is windy. Crazy.

I think it’s because the lobby that we pass through is open with air I see

It’s not closed. We’re gonna stay here for the next few days and you’ll be with us. We will do some tours around the area. We’ll eat in some restaurants over here. Let’s see what we can do here. We’ll start from there But other than that, Happy Anniversary to us and you’ll come along with us! So we’re here in Joe’s Crab Shack. We’re having dinner right now. So they offer and sell seafood here. It’s more of like crab buckets, shrimp buckets and all those stuff. Definitely it’s a cool spot. It’s walking distance from Portofino and Marina Hotel where were staying right now. Yeah, definitely this is a good spot to hang out in. We’ll show you the food when it gets here. It’s quite thrilling guys because there is a possibility of rain anytime.I hope not.So as predicted, it’s raining right now.We are waiting for another table to be available since we already order our food.We thought we were taking out the food to go, but the manager was very helpful.She will sit us to a table over there when it’s open. So, that great.The food just arrived and it is amazing.I order a seafood platter. There are crabs, shrimps, potatoes, corn, and it’s basically steamed.Meanwhile, Mommy gets a Caesar salad with chicken.So there is a bunch of crab legs here too.I think the shrimps are also here.Here are the crab legs.Look at that. I dip it into the butter.Wow.[Aiden is crying]Hey, so we ended up coming home because Aiden is crying.We decided to eat over hereBut, check that sunset out Actually, you cannot see it clearly but it’s very beautiful.We’ll post a couple of pictures of it. But, we’ll eat here. So yeah definitely, Joe’s Crab shack seems good but it’s a little bit expensive because we got like a queen crab, the market price is 36$.Then, we also added shrimp. I thought it had some seasoning but they gave us steamed shrimps like 12 pieces. It’s like 10 to 12 pieces, then we add fries for Aiden and a Caesar salad.All of that cost 75$. Wow amazing. Right? It’s so expensive It’s was ok. Anyway, it rained and Aiden was too much, so we headed back home. But anyways, taste test, the shrimp is fresh. It’s very bouncy.It’s okay. If the shrimp isn’t fresh, it crumbles in your mouth. This one is a good thing because it bounces. Very good.We dip it in a garlic butter.Pretty good. But the crab legs Boom. Wow!Great!Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!That’s pretty good. It’s very fresh, because it doesn’t crumble.dipping it in the butter sauce and it’s very good.I mean it’s unhealthy. duh!~The butter sauce lacks flavor. It lacks garlic. Right?Yeah.What can I say? It’s an okay restaurant.I mean the reason why it’s okay is because it’s actually beside the sea. I think the ambiance is the reason why it’s pricey here, it was very good.Unfortunately, the weather is very unpredictable, that’s why we left. But other than that, what would you rate Joe’s Crab shack?

Four.A 4 out 10?

I’d say a 5 out of 10 because it’s fresh. But I don’t think we’re gonna go back anytime soon but yeah definitely. We ordered some food from the hotel so It should be coming in soon. So yeah, catch you when it gets here. Here it is guys. We have a kettle! Hahahaha. The food just got here and we’re very excited to eat Actually Mommy is eating already.She got an onion soup. Right? The soup of the day.But anyways, this restaurant is called Baleen Restaurant.This is the restaurant of the hotel.It is amazing.We got some Vietnamese chicken and we got some half-roasted chicken.Let’s check it out.Let’s try the roasted chicken first. Oh there is actually like a reduction under the chicken.Whoa!Okay.I wish we could have just ordered this to begin with.This is really good.Check it out.There is a reduction here.There is a sauce under.I don’t know what it is but it’s really good.The chicken is amazing.Here you go my beautiful.Hahaha. That’s great. This is the leg portion.It’s perfect.It’s so perfect.The seasoning is good. mmmmm. It’s crunchy.It’s amazing.I can’t describe it any better.Amazing.Roasted half chicken in the Baleen is very good.Next, let’s do the chicken wings, the Vietnamese chicken wings. So right over here it’s the Vietnamese chicken wings.Pretty good. Check it out.Let’s test it.mmmmm, the description of the dish, it’s coated with a sambal.It’s sweet, sweetish and it has that small kick.But other than that it’s very good. It’s very crispy. The skin is very crispy.It’s cooked very very nice because it’s very moist in the inside.It’s very moist in the inside .There you go. Hmm.Amazing.There’s some vegetables on there so I’ll just eat that too.Overall.Overall I wish we should have eaten these to begin with.So we’re gonna just finish the food then we’ll talk to you later.

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