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Here is our selection of the best indie games launched in 2021 on PC, consoles and smartphones.
Inspired by the famous Dungeons & Dragons role- playing game , Solasta invites the player to experience an adventure under the sign of heroic fantasy. RPG requires, the title unfolds a real scenario. If the plot starts in a classic way, it quickly becomes fascinating between plots, quests for magical gems and a mysterious invasion.

Beyond the only dialogues

that punctuate the adventure, the title offers, perhaps above all, epic fights. The French creators of Tactical Adventures deliver a game where the combat is tactical and exciting. Here we guide his four adventurers facing hordes of enemies. Each character in turn must move, hide, fight, cast spells, heal themselves… It’s beautiful, it’s accessible, it’s engaging and well written. A real contender to Baldur’s Gate and a real good game for all D&D lovers.

Expected since 2017

Narita Boy had the effect of a small bomb when it was officially launched at the end of March on consoles and PC. In this action game, tinged with platforms, dazzling pixel art leads one to venture into the bowels of a computer program threatened by a virus.

Like the film Tron (1982)

the developers dematerialize a young gamer to send him into a virtual world where a small digital people are waiting to be delivered from HIM, the name given to the big bad virus that threatens them. You then play as the chosen one, in the person of Narita Boy, who – like Neo in The Matrix – will have to save the universe. If this falsely philosophical fable will be able to amuse some, it is especially in its progression that this game will leave a good memory to the players who will try it. A game which, without being revolutionary, enjoys an interesting and neat atmosphere.
In the long line of games dedicated to ninjas like Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Spirit, the French François Pérez, alias Wonderboy Bobi, has just published a new pearl of the genre: Tanuki Justice. A game in the purest arcade tradition that offers a remarkable challenge on Switch and PS4, as our full test already explained.

Tanuki Justice is a sensitive game driven by the passion of its developer who has no other claim than to entertain during short games, which will remain so intense that you will come back to it regularly, if only to blow the high. -score or prove to you that you haven’t lost your hand. We also welcome its welcome two-player mode to share frenzied games.

A title that turns out to be a little happiness

If the framework of the levels of the original game is respected, the developers have offered it a more current 2D, like its gameplay revised and corrected to stick with the shoots of the moment. The emphasis here is on scoring with several factors that can be triggered at the right time to harvest the jackpot. We also welcome the musical scores, also brought up to date. Among the bonuses of the game, fans will discover the X68000 version of the game, taken from the famous Sharp X68000 computer considered the Amiga 1200 of Japanese gamers.
Always quick to draw an arcade-style game to honor the heritage of the golden age of 16-bit consoles, the Frenchies of Pixel Heart and Storybird Games publish Golden Force . An adventure game that smacks of nostalgia and nurtures the ambition to satisfy fans of challenges. Golden Force does not get lost in guesswork for long, nor in long phases of dialogue, since the player is thrown into the action from the first seconds.

The universe being carried by an inspired artistic direction with a staging all in pixels that flatter the retina of lovers of the 1990s. The animation of this platform is thus particularly successful. And, like his heroes who throw themselves body and soul into their quest by clinging to their favorite bladed weapons, you will have to cling to your controller to get through its forty particularly harsh levels but with finely crafted gameplay to make you want to surpass yourself.

Animal Crossing New Horizons enthusiasts looking for a new experience can venture into Cozy Grove. In the skin of a little scout always ready to help, the player will settle on an island whose particularity is to be … haunted. With ghosts for neighbors, our paranormal adventurer will have to help these spirits find a normal life. Above all, each has its own history and it will often be necessary to forge bonds of friendships to be able to provide them with all the support necessary for their spectral life.

Beyond these peregrinations linked to the world of ghosts, Cozy Grove also invites you to develop your daily life by going fishing or by personalizing your island. A particularly endearing simulation of life, carried by inspired designs. If it exists on different consoles and on PC and Mac, it is on iPhone or iPad through the Apple Arcade subscription that we strongly recommend it to you in order to point your nose at it at least daily.

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