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Taxco Guerrero in Mexico 2021

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Taxco Guerrero in Mexico 2021

Taxco Guerrero in Mexico 2021


Taxco Guerrero in Mexico The very first thing I noticed about Taxco is that all the buildings here are whitewashed,and sometimes complemented by a red accent,in addition to these beautiful red tile roofs. It reminds me a lot of Guanajuato,so it’s almost like Guanajuato’s sister city in white.They’re both mountain towns. But they’re not only both mountain towns they were both mountain towns formed because of mines, because of silver mines right there. And they’re both hundreds of years old Yes, we’ve actually been in the state of Guerreroone time before, and that was when we went to Acapulco. Absolutely loved it there,and we had so many good experiences. So I was pretty excited for us to come back and go here to

Taxco which happens

to be the only Pueblo Magico in the state.And in our experience, we’ve never had a bad time at a Pueblo Magico ’cause they’re known for food,culture, history, architecture, so many great things.- If you don’t know what Pueblo Magico is,it’s called a Magic Town in English,and there’s about 120, 130 of them throughout Mexico.And the government is doing this as a program to promote other places,other than the famous beach destinations.- Yeah, exactly, lesser known towns that have a lot to offer in terms of, like I said, their food, their gastronomy,their history and architecture, and a bunch of other things.Taxco happens to be a particularly beautiful one,might even be ranking in my top five.But it’s a little early to say. You know what I’m excited for?The food here because ever since our Acapulco trip,I’ve been craving pozole again. Oh, my gosh, pozole. Remember Pozoleria Los Gueros?- Oh, best ever, oh man.Well already ate breakfast.Now I’m hungry again. (laughs)- Just like Acapulco,something unique that seems like about Taxco is that there’s all these taxis that are VW Bugs.And I see that one of the artesanias here are like replicas of them.- They’re little piggy banks.- Yeah, that’s really cool. – It’s so cute.- I love it.(Jordan speaks in Spanish) How much are the taxis, friend? (Vender) 100 Pesos.Okay, gracias. You guys know how much I love artesanias.There are so many great unique ones here in Taxco,and they’re all so, so colorful.So I want to show some of those today.- These painted hats are really becoming a thing in Mexico,but I think that’s cool

just a way to change up just a plain

old white hat,and make it something special.- Man, talk about a tight squeeze, ah.Oh, and here we have Taxco mugs.These are only 50 pesos each. We just saw these in Tepoztlan.- Yeah, I picture like whenever we get a permanent place,I wanna have a whole collection of these,of different styles and colors and everything,from everywhere we go.Maybe not this kind though. Hay Una Cerveza Borracha, the beer’s drunk. Jordan, I seem to notice that that’s not a lizard.You’re cheating on your lizard collection.- Makes me look buff.Oh yeah, poof out your chest, babe.That’s hot.- I like how bright it is. Yeah.- Okay. – Take it off, take it off.And your shirt was what? 195?- 195 pesos.(mellow music)- This guy looks full of himself.He has a big head.- Not 100% sure of this,but this might actually be the founder of Taxco,given that part of his name is Alarcon,and the full name of Taxco is Taxco De Alarcon.So I suppose maybe he’s allowed to have a big head.- I have a proposal.We’re gonna start the Pueblito de Tangerine and…- You know, you would’ve gotten people,if you had just said I have a proposal because so many people comment that these days.Oh, you’ve been together for five years.Put a ring on that.If you had waited one more second,even I might’ve started to sweat a little bit.(both laugh)- Well, my proposal is we have a little pueblito.We call it Tangerine.And then we have statues of both of us,and Laska of course,with gigantic heads.- No. How about we just make a statue of Laska.Everybody would love that.Okay, we’re here.We’re in centro.This is the zocalo.And right here, we have the kiosko.

The what?

The kiosko.Sadly, once again, (indistinct)because of the pandemic, it’s closed.So we can’t see el centro of el centro.I absolutely love all the streets here.They’re all kind of like twisted and turned,Like Jordan said, it’s a total maze.So we could walk around, I’m sure, all day and just be lost the entire day.- Do you love driving on them?- Oh no. Uh-uh.When we first got here, holy crap,I’ve never been more stressed in my life as when we were trying to get up the road that led to our Airbnb,and the host actually had to do it for us.One thing is for certain though,we are going to get a really nice workout while we’re here because some of these streets are so dang steep,like to drive on them is scary and then to walk on them is hard.Check out this road.This was actually the one we had to drive up when we first got here.And it gets really steep going down that way,and the turns are really tight.All right, we’re getting back to our Airbnb now.We come up a street but it isn’t a driving street.And here is this big, beautiful 250-year-old tree that’s on this property.Oh, it’s just magnificent. This tree is actually a really great landmark to see where we’re staying from almost anywhere in the city because it’s one of the biggest trees around that we can spot it from just about anywhere.- We come inside a little gate and go along a pathway.This is actually another Airbnb.And we’ve got a hammock out here.This is pretty interesting.Our kitchen table is actually outdoors,and the kitchen is also outdoors,but then… Oh, there’s a dog.Here’s a dog. Hi, there, dog.Hi, Laska.And our room is through there,but it is a complete, epic disaster.So I’m just going to put some pictures of what it looks like.It’s a little studio that has three window that we can open for fresh air and a private bathroom.So it’s been pretty nice.And walking out here, we have an awesome view with the mountains and some buildings.This actually over there is part of her restaurant called Scaffecito.Laska, what do you think about it?Have you been liking it?Are you camera shy?She also has some other apartments on the property,So there’s one right there, one above,one above that, and then a penthouse apartment.And the crazy thing about this property like so many others in Mexico,is from the street.

you would have absolutely no idea that all of this is back here. Now we’re going up, up, up the hills.Can you tell by my breathing it’s steep?- Plus we’re at altitude, it’s difficult.- But it’s gonna be worth it, I hope.Pull! Pull, Laska! It’s steeper.It’s getting steeper. his is so incredible up here.Totally worth the really difficult hike uphill.You can see Santa Prisca and the whole city,including where we’re staying with this 250-year-old tree.Wow. This is amazing.- As it turns out, Laska doesn’t care about the view at all.But I think it’s an awesome view.I love that from here you have a great view,but you’re not so far away that you can still like see the details of the Church of Santa Prisca.But I’m really excited to go up to the Statue of Christ up there at the top of the mountain and see what the view is like from there.- I don’t know if cabs allow dogs though,so I think we’re gonna have to go leave Laskaback at the Airbnb and then we go in a cab.- Laska likes soccer. Bye, Laska.- Hello. – Hello, good afternoon. We’re going to the christ statue, how much is it? 50? Okay. It’s 150 because of the return trip.Oh, to wait up there and then take us back? Okay, yes.Because taxis don’t go up that high. Okay, and you’ll wait 20 minutes or what? 15-20 minutes. Yeah, that’s fine. Cab drivers in Taxco are so dang talented because not only are so many of the roads incredibly steep,but a lot of them only fit one car.So if you run into other cars,somebody has to back up or down in order to get by Are you from Taxco? Yes. Have you lived here all your life? All my life I’ve lived in Taxco.- So our cab driver Martinis gonna wait for us for 15 or 20 minutes.It’s 150 pesos for the cab ride,but that’s a round trip plus the wait.- I don’t actually know if that’s a good price or not,considering we were told the most you should pay is about 30 pesos around town and maybe 50 for something pretty far.But maybe cab drivers just don’t come up here,so you have to get a round trip?- Yeah, that’s what he was saying. Like “nope cab drivers don’t go up there. In any case, here is the Statue of Christ.It is bigger than I was actually expecting it to be.- That’s what she said.- This Christ statue is actually one of the biggest attractions or one of the main attractions here in Taxco.And I mean, I can see why.Besides the fact that it is a representation of Catholicism,and that’s a big part of Mexican culture,you do see the entire city below.Whoa. Okay. But this view is amazing.You can see everything.Wow, you really get the lay of the land from up here.- Yeah, no kidding.You know, something that we said earlier in the video that this is similar to Guanajuato.But something that’s different about here versus there,Guanajuato is kind of like a bowl.- Yeah, everything comes down to the center.- And here it’s not so much a bowl.You have like this side that goes way up,but everything else doesn’t go that far up.- It’s fitted to the mountains here. Thank you, thank you. You’re welcome. Taxi? See you later.- Something that’s really popular here in Taxco It’s unique to Taxco. Yeah, and that is eating stink bugs and salsa made of stink bugs.- They’re called jumiles, and it’s a delicacy here or a very typical food of Taxco.But I’m sorry, stink bug.No part of that makes me want to try it.Stink bug!- We were watching a video by Viaje fest from when they came to Taxco,and they were going to try them.- And they bought them.You can buy them live.Live as in still alive in the market scrawling around in the bag.And they flipped a coin to see who would try them.And ultimately, still, neither of them tried them because apparently when they’re still alive they will fly away from you.They’ll escape, which was a good thing because it seemed like neither of them were gonna do it anyway.And I would fall into that category.I’m not gonna do it.- We asked our taxi driver Martin of what he thought of jumiles. He said that he really likes them and they’re great when you have a sore throat to eat some of them.He really likes them in salsa.He really likes them in tortilla with a little bit of cheese.- Chicharron, he was giving us all the reasons why we should definitely try them.And then after we got out, Jordan was likeso do you want to try them now?I’m like, hell no.- Even so there’s a festival here in November where the whole city is eating jumiles.All right.So we’re in the market now in search of jumiles.- Almost slipped behind you, don’t mind me.No, wait. No, we’re looking for jabon.We’re looking for soap. We ran out of soap And jumiles No 5 pesos? Thank you!Five pesos for our soap.- So after walking all around the market,it turns out everyone was sold out of jumiles.So if you want some stink bugs,you have to go earlier in the day. If you’d like to see more videos like this,it helps us out a lot when you use our links.And one of those things that we tell you about is a allows us to access location-restricted content.For example, we get 15 different Netflix libraries.That’s libraries from 15 different countries.So if you’re in Canada and you want the US library,which is huge, you can do that.Or if you want the Mexico library,which is a little bit different, you can do that will take you right there.Right now, they’re running a cool sale.It’s 83% off plus three extra months free.So if you want One of the things Taxco is known for is its silver, it’s formerly a mining town.And today is Saturday.

where the biggesttiangu is de plata or silver market is happening

so we’re gonna check it out. As we’re walking through here,I’m seeing some vendors buying raw silver from other people.And in all these transactions.They’re weighing it on a little scale they have to see exactly how much it’s gonna cost.So that’s a good sign that it’s all legit stuff.- I just noticed this place has multiple levels,so there’s just silver galore.There’s a lot to take in in here and lots of really beautiful silver jewelry.- And I don’t think this is the end of the Tianguis.So I think the Tianguis continues into town.As with any piece I’ve looked at,they all have a 925 stamp on them,meaning it’s 92 and a half percent silver.And this is like a little, really pretty butterfly ring.And it’s 245 pesos.We’re now outside of the Tianguis.And what do you know, more Tianguis as far as I can see, that way,and that way.- This was on the main highway that kind of goes around Taxco or through it, maybe.So it’s a very, very busy out here, loud with the traffic.But at least there’s more space cause those roads back there are tight.- Yeah. How much does this butterfly ring cost? How much does it go for How much does it cost?Interesting.He’s weighing it to see how much it costs.185. 185? Yes.So it’s 185 for this butterfly ring. You really like these butterfly rings. – It’s cool. Yeah.- I think I’m gonna have – They’re really pretty.- one for you.- No it’d be for you.So that sterling silver ring was 4.6 grams and 185 pesos.And today’s spot silver price of about $26 an ounce,I’ll have to do the math later to see what kind of deal you’re getting,how much you’re paying for the silver,and how much you’re paying for the craftsmanship.But this is pretty cool stuff here.I haven’t seen anything like this in Mexico.Look at this.Guy’s like, “Hi, I’m a bird! Bringing it back!That’s cool though.Look at the carved out rock there.(Maddie speaks in Spanish) What type of rock is this? It’s a shell Shell?(Jordan speaks in Spanish) Oh, it’s shell, not rock. And how much does it cost?50 pesos. 50 pesos? I’ll take the little bird. 50 pesos? Thank you very much!All righty, I’m happy with it.So we’ve been all over Mexico, right?And it’s rare that we find something that we’ve never seen before.And I’ve never seen anything like this I think it’s really cool.And it’s obvious that a lot of work went into it.- Now we’ve found what I’m gonna call Callejon de Plata,Silver Alley, and this seems to go down and down and down and down, and who knows where it goes.- We got lost in a similar market yesterday.- Yeah, it just went on and on and on.- There’s a car coming down here.What the hell?(Jordan speaks in Spanish) Is it similar to tajin? (Vendor nods head) Okay, yes. And lime, please.Thank you. It’s heavy! There’s a lot here! A lot of fruits.- This silver market just goes on and on and on.- It was ridiculous in the beginning that we’re like,Oh, I want to get down to the lower level,as if the streets aren’t completely lined in the whole city with people selling silver.(gentle music)Well, I really enjoyed looking around at all that silver.I mean, there was just so much to see,like necklaces, rings, charms, everything in between,but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m glad to be out of there cause that was total chaos.There were so many people walking around,and oftentimes we were just like, oh, I don’t even know how to get through this passageway.But definitely a cool experience.If you’re in Taxco, check it out for sure.- But all the things I bought weren’t silver though.We were just in Tepoztlan where I found the best nieves ever.And I found them here in Taxco.(laughs) Silly Jordan.Got three different flavors.This was 50 pesos.Some vanilla. Vanilla? That’s a dark vanilla.- Yeah, it’s very rich.- So the whole time Jordan was eating ice cream,I’m looking at this poor, old guy,and it seriously breaks my heart so much to see elderly people having to be out all day working.So we just gave him a little something.(speaking in Spanish) How much are these? Here’s a gift for you.We can’t do that with everybody,and I do feel bad for so many people that walk by us all the time in Mexico.But I got to do a little something here and there when we can.Ooh, got a great view here.We’re at this restaurant called La Parroquia,and I honestly don’t recommend it given that it has super high prices and the services isn’t all that great.But the reason we came here is because the view of Santa Prisca is incredible.I don’t know if it’s a church or cathedral or a temple,but this is in the Zocalo of town, and it is so beautiful.The intricate carving of stone on the entire thing is just magnificent, and I can stare at it for hours.And in fact, we did yesterday.We came here and we stared at it for hours.I believe this is Baroque architecture style,and that’s what you see in those intricate details.But, oh my goodness, jaw-dropping.Absolutely jaw-dropping.Probably one of our favorite cathedrals or temple or churches that we’ve seen in the entire country.


The other great thing about being up here is that there’s ample people watching and we can just look down here and see the shitshowthat is cabs, cars, people and vendors all colliding here in the Zocalo area.There’s so many people and so many cars because it’s the weeken dand the vendors are running around like crazy.I do love looking at the local products and everything,but it’s nice to be elevated and away so we can get a little bit of a break.- I’ve got a margarita.Maddie’s got a mezcal. Salud.- Jordan’s margarita was 76 pesos.My mezcal de la region or regional, I’m guessing,mezcal de Guerrero is 88 pesos,which is basically why I was saying this place is overpriced.It probably costs 50 elsewhere.So it’s a little pricey here,but you are paying for this view.I’m willing to pay a little bit extra because hot damn!Jumping in here really quick from a completely different balcony where we’re enjoying a mezcal drink and another mezcal.This is 40 pesos.That big buddy over there is 50 pesos.I’m just digging.More of the people watching.We get to see people from right over here, taking pictures with the beautiful Santa Prisca in the background.And worth mentioning, I’m 90% sure that Santa Prisca is closed right now, so we can’t unfortunately go on the inside.- I really wanted to go in there because they have a bunch of different alter pieces in there that are all covered in gold.We were just reading about it, how it was built.It was built by a guy in the mid-1700swho made a fortune in the mines nearby the city.He almost went bankrupt building this church because of how fancy it is.- Back to that.I mean, back to us from a different time.Time traveling. Goodbye.And as we’re staring up here at Santa Prisca,I’m looking at these magnificently gongable bells up there.On each of these, they have a balcony.- You mean a bell-cony.- That was a solid pun.That was solid, Jordan.You win the pun c-Com-pun-tition.You win the com-pun-titi on for the day.But seriously, when are we ever gonna get to gong a cathedral or temple or church’s bell, epicness level 1 million!(Maddie speaks Spanish) Sir! Friend! Are you available?How much does it cost to get to pozoleria tia felix? 50 pesos.It’s close to the christ statue. Yes, yes. Exactly.Good afternoon.You’ve got tons of legroom.- Oh yeah.(conversing in Spanish) What is your guy’s nationality? We’re from the United States.United States? Yep, and you? Here. From here? Guerrero?From Guerrero, here in Taxco.So steep!- We had to go so far up here to find this place.- That guy was so talented,and these roads are so skinny.And then, to get us as close as you could possibly get,he said most cab drivers will drop you off like way down there on the road and then make you walk up the stairs.He went backwards- Done this skinny street. – for like five minutes.(conversing in Spanish) I’m from this neighborhood. Oh yeah? I went to this primary school. I studied there.Oh wow! That’s why I know the way by heart.Then you’ve had a lot of practice with these roads. What’s this neighborhood? It’s called “Casahuates”Casahuates? Yep. All set. Thank you! Thank you!- So Maddie at the last place said that her mezcal de la casa might be 50 pesos elsewhere.But if you go up really high into the hills of Taxco,how much is it?- Viente pesos.- 20 pesos. – 20 pesos.So far, what I’m guessing is at least an ounce.I mean, probably not less than that.But this place is called Pozoleria Tia Felix,and you can get a mini, chico, mediano, grande.The grande of pozole is 50 pesos, so a very good price.Usually pozole is just a Thursday thinghere in Guerrero, but it seems like here,and I don’t know if this is because of the pandemic or anything,but you can also get it on Saturdays and Sunday sat some places, or just Saturdays some places.- That’s at least in our experience in Acapulco when it was Thursdays only.- Only Thursdays.(Maddie speaks in Spanish) I’m going to want the green pozole, please. Small, medium, or large?(Jordan speaks in Spanish) How big is the big one? Is it a lot of food, or?If you’d like, I can bring you the dishes. Oh, okay. Please. Thank you.Mini, small, medium, and large. The big one is very large. Medium please. Large, green (pozole) please.I really love going to places like this because they’re very local and very Mexican.But something that happens when we go into places like this,and especially when we’re bringing a camera is that we look over at the other tables and they’re just the eyeballing us like crazy.You lost, gringos, or what? It’s not gonna stop me from coming to these places though.This is where the good foods at.- Our mezcal just came out,and I was not expecting to get two ounces for 20 pesos.- Salud. – Salud.- Okay, that’s better than the last place that I paid 88 pesos for it.- And this is 20.All right, Maddie.Give me your first impressions of your pozole.- This looks good as heck, and it was like sizzling when it came out.It smells amazing.They have these toppings that you can put on there.You can put oregano, chili, lime, onion,or at this place, they have pepitas, pumpkin seeds.- I haven’t seen that before at a pozoleria.- Oh my goodness. Look at this.These on here, they’re so crunchy and good.Oh, jeez, almost knocked my mezcal over.And they put some chicharron,which is fried pig skin, I believe.And the pozole verde, I believe, has a spice,I think, called pipian or a sauce called pipian.I don’t exactly know what this is made of,but it has corn and a bunch of spices…- All right, now just taste it. (laughs)- Oh my gosh. The flavors exploding in my mouth.Oh, it’s so good. All right.- Maybe we’re gonna have to get some of this para llevar.Or we can com come tomorrowif they’re open tomorrow. – Or we can come tomorrow.Okay, you got to try it now. Okay.A little oregano.That might be unique to Taxco providing oregano.- Yeah. – for your pozole.Lime. Careful, it’s really hot.- Muy rico, very tasty.- Pozole of the gods.Oh, this place is the best.We tried the very typical Tia Calla, which is by the Zocalo.And that’s what everybody recommends.(conversing in Spanish) Yeah, there’s a really good one. It’s called Pozoleria Tia Calla. Tia Calla?Tia Calla, yes.But it’s in like a dungeon, in like a basement,but I honestly didn’t think it was that flavorful.We had to add a bunch of lime and a bunch of salt and everything.- I think this is way better. – This is incredible.If you come to Taxco, must go here.You must, must, must.I can’t say enough about this pozole.It’s like Mexican chicken soup for the soul.It’s healing my childhood traumas.This might be the best meal I’ve ever had in Mexico.It’s definitely the best meal that I can remember in the past six months.And that’s considering that we lived in Oaxaca for three months recently.And Oaxacan food, right next to Yucatecan food,is my favorite in Mexico.But this pozole.Seriously it’s from the gods.I love it so much.- Now we’re trying to walk home from the pozoleria, and it’s through all these skinny alleyways.If you look at a map of the roads of Taxco, they are insane.They go all over the place. It’s like a drunken spider web.- So now we’re just hoping to find out way back.(rhythmic music)We were just walking past some guys on our way down here,and they’re like, here, do you guys want a beer?We’re like, no, no thanks.Oh, how about a soda?- I love that.We can just be friends with anybody on the streets.So we’re trying to get back to our Airbnb.And it’s so funny because people can always tell when we’re lost.We’re like looking at our phone,and Google Maps does this weird thing,I think because of the elevation change in the city where just the dot goes all over the place.So people will know when we’re lost

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