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One Day Trip Saturday in Aachen hienunplugged Germany Travels

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One Day Trip Saturday in Aachen hienunplugged Germany Travels

One Day Trip Saturday in Aachen hienunplugged Germany Travels

Hi guys! Welcome back to mastergames.us Today I’m going to take you with me  on one day trip to Aachen. Let’s go!💙The Van den Daele coffee and confectionary shop  exists since 1890 and it’s  located in the old city of Aachen.What I really love about this city is that it has  so many little shops that kept their craft so that you can get really specialized things  in each shop and yeah it’s so nice to  just stroll around and do window shopping.I’m not the coffee type I’m more like the  tea type, but this is Germany’s oldest coffee roast houseso I think it’s definitely worth a try if you’re a coffee lover.This place and these pillars in the middle of Aachen are so instagrammable! They are so pretty  and the view on the Aachen cathedral is amazing.I think it must be so wonderful in summer here, when it’s sunny and people are chilling and  relaxing here, eating ice cream, meeting friends.

So I definitely want to come back here in summer

As you can see we are at the  Aachen cathedral square.  And it’s quite big and I really  wanted to visit the Aachen ca the draland see the Aachen cathedral treasure and have a tour, but that is not possible during the lockdown.My friend says that this is one of the  best Lebanese restaurants here in Aachen.  “Pausenbrot” by the way means break time sandwich, so something that you would eat  during your break time, which is really cute.We walked a bit to find something to eat and we found it in “Yan Tasty” restaurant which was so good.It’s a chinese authentic restaurant and everything is homemade: The broth the noodles, the dumplings, everything!!This is so good, guys!!Back to the cathedral I found this tea  shop, which is like super, super old, too.  And it’s just a shop for tea! Oh my god how can you not love this?this is Bahkauv, a mythical creature that  is part of Aachen’s legends. It is actually  a fountain, the second version of a fountain, because the first version here was destroyed.Of course I went back to the tea shop  to get four different types of fruit tea.Now on our way to find some bubble tea! 🧋💙So these are the things that I bought during my Aachen trip! As you can see it’s a lot of things  that are totally different from each other and I told you already before that I went to this tea store.And it is the best I have seen so far!  They have so many varieties and the store

looks so wonderful

and I’ve got three *four* different  flavors and they are all very fruity fruit teas. And um yeah I’ve been looking for one that could replace my old one *fruit tea* and I unfortunately forgot to  bring my old one with me, so that they could help me finding it again, but I’m very happy with what  I got here.I’m very excited to try them! They also  sell honey propolis-is really good for your skin.So they couldn’t tell me anything about the flavor and how about taste.See this is actually propolis. So it is okay, that it’s there, it’s not dirty or anything.yeah and then of course I couldn’t resist it “Rosenduft in Honig”.Rose flavor, rose scent in honey. So super excited for this. It sounds so nice and if it’s good I’m  gonna probably use it another time. One of my other favorite things that I cannot resist  are socks. I love socks it’s also my favorite present. So if any of my friends ever get me presents that are socks I’m like super happy, because I like them to be super colorful.And you know life is gray enough we should totally wear beautiful socks!

It always lifts the mood

And I got two of these in a Taiwanese  bubble tea shop. This is called a bubble tea drink holder.And my mom is, her Chinese zodiac  is pig, that’s why I’ve got pigs for us! So cute right?You can just you know wear it like  this and hold it like this. I also got a mask!These few things are from the same store, it’s a korean store, really nice. I found really nice pants from a little concept store, Italian fashion.  ah the fabric is so nice, like so perfect. And they have these little details .You can just you know make it smaller and then it has these little ruffles and it just gives so sucha nice texture to the pants when you wear them and it was on sale! Honestly I’m a big huge sale fan.  So it was on sale. It was um before that  it was 89 bucks, but then it cost me only like  fraction of that.So I’m really happy about what I found here I think you can wear it in summer, too,   because it’s very light.Thank you so much for joining, guys! I hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know if you want to see more of my  one day trips! I would really appreciate it!Leave a thumbs up, if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you next time! Byeee!

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