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Meta Quest 2 Oculus Store Gift Card

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Meta Quest 2 Oculus Store Gift Card

Meta Quest 2 Oculus Store Gift Card

I bought the VR goggles “Oculus”. The latest model “Oculus Quest 2” was put on the strategy of keeping the price unchanged (37,180 yen) and increasing the capacity (128GB). However, VR goggles are anxious as an IT device. In the past, over 100,000 yen was the norm, so performance has improved and a little less than 40,000 yen is exceptional.

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For those who wondered what VR goggles are used for and can’t be used without a computer, I was like that before the purchase. This time I’ve been using Oculus Quest 2 for 3 months and would like to share with you what I learned.

What is “Oculus Quest” in the first place?

“Oculus” is a brand name for VR-related products developed by Facebook Technologies of the United States. Read “Oculus”. You can think of it as Oculus = VR goggles.

The first “Rift” of the Oculus series appeared in 2016, followed by “Go”, “Rift S”, “Quest” and “Quest 2”. 2016, when “Rift” was released, was also called the “first year of VR”, and VR goggles were attracting attention not only in the game industry but also for academic purposes.

In October 2021, Facebook, the parent company of Facebook Technologies, changed its name to “Meta”. The logo on the official Oculus website has also been changed to “Meta Quest”.

The logo on the upper left of the Oculus official website has been changed to “Meta Quest”

After the name change, Meta announced that it would invest 1 trillion yen a year in “Metaverse”. The company defines “a virtual space that people who are not in the same physical space can create and explore together” as a metaverse, and “emphasizes making the time spent online more meaningful.” Although it is not official information, Oculus (daily translation: eyes, eyeballs) is probably the “eyes” that see the virtual space.

The basic set is the VR goggles body and the left and right controllers. The main body is a rechargeable type that uses the included USB-C cable, and the controller uses one AA battery at a time. Although it is smaller than the previous model, the weight of the main body is reasonable. Some people say that battery drive is less than 2 hours, but honestly, if you wear it for 2 hours, your neck will get tired.

The weight of the main body is about 544g. It’s heavy as it is

There are several types of “VR goggles” in the world. A type that displays apps that run on a PC (PCVR), a type that connects to a dedicated game machine, a type that plays VR content by setting a smartphone, and a type that allows you to enjoy VR content with goggles alone.

The feature of “Oculus Quest 2” is that it can be enjoyed with “goggles alone” and can also be used as “PCVR goggles”. However, a Facebook account is required. If you don’t have it, you can create it for free.

Use Oculus Quest 2 alone

First, let’s use it alone. At the first startup, you need to set up a Facebook account, Wi-Fi, and a secure range (Guardian). After that, turn on the power and immediately enter the “virtual space”.

The first thing you see is “Home”. This is your room in the “virtual space”. There is depth, and if you look around, the viewpoint changes and you can walk around. You can also change the pattern in the settings.

“Home” becomes your own room in virtual space. Can be changed to your liking

You can look around and change your perspective

It is also possible to walk around

It will not start unless you get the app from the “store”. For the time being, I got a free app that caught my eye. YouTube VR is recommended for an easy “VR experience”. Recently, the content of “360 ° video” is increasing, and VR images shot in the air are a little intoxicating as if they were really flying in the sky.

Get the app from the “store”

Downloaded apps are launched from “Apps”

Playing 360 ° video on YouTube VR

With apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, you can enjoy movies on a large screen even if the room is small. If you lie down and watch it, your neck will not hurt. In addition, many of the paid titles have demo versions, so you can enjoy VR without paying.

The classic roller coaster game ” Epic roller coasters “. The wonder of getting motion sick even though I’m just sitting

Fitness app ” FitXR “. The free stage alone is tiring enough

Use as PCVR goggles

In order to use Oculus Quest 2 as “PCVR goggles”, some specifications of the PC are required. See the support page for more information. It can be read as if a wired cable is required, but I don’t think there is a problem with the wireless connection “Air Link”. It can be used if the personal computer and Oculus are on the same network.

By selecting a computer on the same network and activating “Air Link”, Oculus can be used as “PCVR goggles”.

There is also a “home” when connected to a computer, giving it an atmosphere like a villa. The room itself cannot be changed at the time of writing, but the furniture layout can be customized.

You can also display the “desktop” of the connected computer. It’s a cyberpunk impression to operate multiple windows side by side, free from physical space. However, I think it is difficult to wear VR goggles and do conventional computer work. Due to the weight of the Oculus itself, it is physically tiring.

“Home” screen when connecting with PCVR

It seems convenient to display and operate multiple windows, but …

If you want to use Oculus Quest 2 as PC VR goggles, you should try Google Earth VR once. Don’t underestimate it as just Street View. It is an experience called VR that the viewpoint changes with the movement of the head. Strolling in a strange land makes you feel that “VR travel” is not far away.

I want you to try a new experience of descending from the sky to the city with “Google Earth VR”

You can walk around freely

Also, if you use Oculus Quest 2 as PCVR goggles, you can enjoy services and games that are not provided as Oculus apps. Content obtained from SideQuest, which publishes apps by VR content developers, and Steam, which sells PC software and games, is available on Oculus.

“Side Quest” where you can try unofficial apps that are not delivered in the “Store”

“Steam”, a major seller of PC software and games

The immersive feeling of the free zombie game “Propagation VR” is amazing. I think some people are scared and can’t play. YouTube channel of the provider

Can it be used as a business tool?

By linking with your Facebook account, you can easily chat and make calls with friends on Facebook. The same is true for “friends” on Oculus. But you don’t have to bother with Oculus Quest 2 to chat or talk.

In the future, Meta will recommend ” Horizon Workrooms “. It can be used by Oculus alone, and it is possible to have a meeting with multiple people gathered in a virtual conference room.

The usage is the same as groupware such as Slack and Teams, it is a method to log in to the “room” prepared by the organizer and participate. Even if you don’t have Oculus, you can participate with a webcam.

Presentations using a virtual whiteboard are possible. You can also share the screen of the computer you are operating in the meeting.

Horizon Workrooms

Image at the time of the meeting. Presentation using a virtual whiteboard is also possible

In fact, Oculus can be operated without using a dedicated controller. Sensors placed around the Oculus body recognize your “hand” and display it on the screen. You can scroll and click, but it’s not very easy to use. If the accuracy of the sensor is improved in the next generation “Of Oculus”, it seems that it will be possible to operate freely in the virtual space.

You can operate the virtual space without using a controller by recognizing your own “hand”.

Recently, the number of spots where you can easily experience VR goggles is increasing, such as the experience corner of home electronics mass retailers, internet cafes, arcades, and tourist facilities. If you are interested but are unsure about purchasing, why not give it a try.

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