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ISKCON Habibpur | ISKCON Temple | Ranaghat ISKCON India

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ISKCON Habibpur ISKCON Temple Ranaghat ISKCON India

ISKCON Habibpur ISKCON Temple Ranaghat ISKCON India

Today, we are heading towards ISKCON temple at Habibpur, near Ranaghat.From Kolkata, the temple is around 75 KM away.You can travel both in train and car.For travel with train, you need to board on Ranaghat or Shantipur local from Sealdah main section.If you board Ranaghat local, get down at Ranaghat station.Hire a toto from Ranaghat station to reach Habibpur.If you board Shantipur local, get down at Habibpur station and take a rickshaw.

ISKCON temple

If you go via car, take 34 national highway.Through 34 NH, after you cross Ranaghat Chabi gate, Churni bridge, you will see four point crossing. It is Habibpur.We reached the ISKCON temple ate 3:30 PM.On reaching, we saw the temple was closed though the main gate was open.Came to know from temple authority that the temple will reopen at 4 PM.We had time in hand. So, we started to see around inside temple premise.In the left side after entering through main gate, there is a prasad counter.Beside this, there is a dining room where you can enjoy prasad.Next comes a sitting area. Few devotees were waiting there for the temple gate to open.Behind the main temple, you will see chariot. During Ratha Yatra, a big festival takes place here.Beside the chariot, you will find big cauldrons used for cooking prasad.Two types of prasad available here. Small bhog for INR 60 and Mahabhog for INR 150 If you wish to take prasad from here, you must buy coupon before 12 noon.Prasad is distributed from 12 to 3 PM.Behind temple, you will find the ISKCON guest house.If you wish to stay here, you can book room in advance by calling their phone number.Find the contact number of ISKCON on screen.Sharp at 4 PM, the temple door opened.With other devotees, we entered into the temple sanctum.The sanctum was mesmerizing.In the altar, we can see the idol of Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra.At the right, there were Radha Krishna and in the left side there were our Nitai.In the opposite side of the altar, we found Sril Prabhupad’s statue.After a short while, the priest started to do arati to the deity and Kirtan started with that.We started to enjoy the ambience of the sanctum.The chanting and kirtan created a peaceful atmosphere in our mind.After certain time, we saw that the time has passed. We bowed to the deity and headed for the return journey.EnglishAllCars

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