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Here’s what the shape of your lips reveals about your personality

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Here's what the shape of your lips reveals about your personality! Is this description correct

Here's what the shape of your lips reveals about your personality! Is this description correct

All lips have different shapes

Lots of different shapes and sizes of your body can tell something about the kind of person you are. We know what kind of personality you have based on the way you sit , the shape of your nose, and the color of your eyes . Likewise, everybody has a different lip shape – and here’s what it says about your personality!

. Goldilocks

Are your lips not thick but not that thin either? So you have a shape of lips called “golden curls”. Generally, these lips are described as being of medium size and do not have a very defined hollow. Do you have this shape of lips? So you’re good at relationships, you’re a balanced person, and you don’t like drama. You really aren’t greedy or monopolistic, which is something a lot of people will be able to appreciate about you.
Full lips
We all want lips like these: beautiful, full, round. Have you been endowed with this shape of lips? So you like to take care of people. You prefer to put others before you – that’s your nature, that’s how it is. Family and friends are very important in your life .

Thin lips

People with a thin upper lip and lower lip can be lonely at times, but they know how to live with it. You don’t easily engage with people, and you may be less proficient at flirting than those with full lips. This does not mean that you are lagging behind in love, far from it. Relationships are generally impeccable for you – you are good at it .
Pointed Cupid’s Bow
Cupid’s bow is the top edge of the top lip, which looks like a small, doubly curved bow – like Cupid’s bow (hence the name). Is your Cupid’s bow well defined? So, you are a good communicator. You are also very creative and you think quickly. You have to be careful not to speak too fast because sometimes you say something and then realize that you should have kept it to yourself.
Round Cupid Bow
Is your Cupid’s bow well defined but rounder? Then we have good news for you, because this lip shape reveals usability. People with a round Cupid’s bow generally have good empathy and take the time to be there for family and friends.

Smallmouth with full lips

Do you have a tiny, narrow mouth with full lips? So it is possible that you have relationship issues and you don’t feel much need to share your whole life with someone. This is why you pay more attention to yourself than to others. You are a strong and independent person.

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