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Heaven on Earth | Arang Kel Kashmir | Pakistan Motorcycle Tour 2021

8 min read
Heaven on Earth Arang Kel Kashmir Pakistan Motorcycle Tour 2021

Heaven on Earth Arang Kel Kashmir Pakistan Motorcycle Tour 2021

But I have simply given up here

I actually got scared Scared not only because I won’t be able to get there.And also because the route is tough and I don’t want any damage to happen to my motorcycle.Check out this off road guys..It’s a rather crazy one..So this concludes our Ratti Gali off road section.I am now gonna wait for my jeep that is following me with my luggage.We’ll get our goods and carry on with our journey.I plan to go towards Kel.Here we are near Duwariyan, where we started this journey yesterday.

Gonna wait for the jeep to come and give us our luggage

Here’s our jeep guy.He’s saying that he’s gonna stop by a nearby hotel and that’s where he will unload.Keep going.O my God That’s some smoke Come onI have left Duwariyan behind and the next stop is gonna be Sharda.Followed by Kel and then Taobat.The condition of road here is quite shabby.You can only hit 35 or 40 km/h on a car.If you are on a bike, then you can touch 50 km/h.But the average is around 35 km/h for me.C’mon don’t block the road. I need only a little space. Thanks.The road on the other side of the river is also very beautiful.Not really a road though but it looks beautiful.That other side is called Tejian, as told by a local.As I didn’t know which place was that.There was just a check post of the army.The locals can go to the other side easily but the outside people have to show their ID cards.Also because the border is on the other side.So a little bit of inspection is going on all the time.Wow.. What an awesome place this looks like.Lets ask someone about this place. I think it’s Sharda.I may be confusing the names of these places.Google maps only shows the names of a few places.But in reality there are many more places here.

Like for instance

when I was in Tejian, Google maps had no info about that place.So this place may be Sharda as it seems like a bigger place.Kashmir Lodge 1 and the bridge really look amazing.Since there is an Army check post in this area so we cannot fly our drone.Otherwise the drone will be kept by the army.Or else it can be shot down by the army.And it could be any one of the two armies.It’s better if we look after our drone.Is there any shop here from which we can…??We have just passed a bridge.It will take us to the other side, but we are not going there.O God.. I think we will have to go through this water.So we are through.That was no trouble at all because of the height of the motorcycle.No trouble at all.Look at that… I am so indulged with my vlog that I can’t even spot these pits on the road.The light doesn’t turn off. What place is this?Is Sharda going to be ahead? Yeah How far is it from here? 10 minutes.10 minutes? So it must be around 10 km from here.Okay thanks.This is another place with no info on Google maps.Or may be because I don’t have internet for a couple of days so my maps are not fully loaded.Trying a little zoom-in would have helped us.So this is the Sharda bride and we need to get a little further ahead.We will stay on this road.It’s all off road ahead.Although the road was not already in a great condition.Lets see how this off road section turn out to be.It’s quite windy here and I have just touched 40 after a long time now.I have been moving around 35 km/h or so.Are these tourists? No they don’t seem like so.I think this path goes all the way to Noori Top.

This road on the left side that goes up

We will do it once we return from Taobat and Kel.That’s a nice bridge.This road is actually very nice but are we on the right track?I am not sure but I think we may be on the wrong path.It’s better if I stop for a minute to check the navigation.Because the road to Kel is supposed to be along the river.My suspicion was correct. We were indeed going on the wrong path.I need to move along the river and I can see a motorcycle over there as well.This is the road to Noori Top.Don’t know how far this Asphalt road will go.Looks great.We need to go down from here.I was wondering how amazing that road was.After traveling on the ragged road before.There has been some land sliding in this section.O my God.. Another water crossing.The water has gotten inside my shoes.Since I forgot to add water proof layer.By the way I need to be more careful now as the bag containing my camera gear is not water proof anymore.I realize that if I fell now it’s gonna cost me heavily.Can’t afford to fall down now.In my opinion, ever since I have entered Kashmir and started roaming in the Neelum valley, this is the most beautiful area by far.And this road is amazing… despite the fact that it’s off road.It’s condition is far better than the road before.I was riding around 35 – 40 km/h on that road.I can go even faster on this road and I am actually enjoying it.I am feeling a boost in my energy level and excitement.Marvelous…!!It’s such an amazing place.The car in front of us is touching the road from beneath.I am afraid he might have to spend a fortune on repair works of the car after he returns.Awesome We need to be careful in crossing this part.There’s a wonderful waterfall right beneath us.I think the river would be going across this road as well.I hope the water crossing is not too big.And not too deep to cause any problems.The amount of water suggests that it may be a big one.O thank God there’s a bridge here.Check out this waterfall guys.Excuse me.. Does this camera come with the helmet or separately?SeparatelyCan this be connected to any helmet? Yes.Thank you Check out the waterfall and here we go.The guys in the Range Rover are taking multiple stops like me.Whenever they find a nice place.There are plenty of waterfalls in this region and this is a wonderful place.We have reached Kel and I feel like I should keep going toward Arang Kel as we still have time and there’s day light.What do they call the transport to Arang Kel..?? It’s a chair lift of some sort.So lets go to the chairlift guys and if we are lucky to find it and if the journey is of half an hour or so, then we will go.And if we don’t, then we will stay here for the night.The guys in front of me are guiding me.I met them in the rest house before.The view of the valley from here is splendid.We have come to take some drone shots of Arang Kel early in the morning.It’s a bit difficult to get permission to fly drone.I have some locals with me.Here’s Mr Daud, who’s the owner of the guest house where I am staying.In his cottage.This is Liaqat who came with me from Kel.And this is Saad.They have helped me get permission for my drone and they are also accompanying me so that I may not go into the restricted area by mistake.So that there won’t be any trouble.You cannot do the recording in certain areas.Thanks a lot to you guys.It won’t have been possible for me to get this permission on my own.Hats off to you guys.We are walking through the forest.There’s no fixed track here.But you can take a long walk for up to 3 to 4 hours around the main area of Arang Kel.The forest is so amazing.And if you go slightly out of the village area, you may not find any person around.And you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any disturbance.So we are trying to make one complete round of this forest.

We have come to this smaller forest after crossing the bigger one

After that we will return to the main area of Arang Kel, where all the hotels are situated.And over this side are the army huts.Our track will finish there.It’s not a very big track so it’s gonna take 1 to 1.5 hours.There aren’t any elevations and depressions so it’s a relatively easy one.I’m back in my hut after the hike.And let me tell you that the LoC, Line of Control, lies exactly behind the mountain that you can see in front of us.And on top of it are the posts of Pakistan Army.It’s a little cloudy at the moment, so I cannot see clearly.Otherwise you can see Pakistani flag flying on top.And understandably so, it’s not allowed to go in that direction.This is the hut that I am staying in. It’s nice.It’s a great place to live.It’s normally a little difficult to get accommodation for singles in this area.And there are only family rooms with full bed.Right now I am gonna collect all my stuff and pack up the luggage.Then we will start going downwards. It’s a small hike of 15 – 20 minutes.And then we will start moving towards Kel.Back to my motorcycleI have really liked Arang Kel.I have noticed on thing.I was told by the locals that just a few years ago, the place in Arang Kel with all the hotels, used to be a plain field.But now there are guests houses everywhere over there.And this may be spoiling the natural beauty.Lets hope for some better planning in future.The government shouldn’t allow too many guests houses to be built here.So that the natural beauty may be preserved.Time to end this vlog guys.Let me setup my luggage on the motorcycle and we are gonna leave for Taobat.Which you will see in the next vlog.Hopefully you guys would have loved this vlog.If you have, then please don’t forget to hit the LIKE button.And if you are not a subscriber, then please SUBSCRIBE.Thank you so much for watching.See you all in the next one. Allah Hafiz EnglishAll From your search Tourist Destinations Tourism Eating.

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