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I’m Nicole, and today I thought I would doan other grocery haul.I actually went to, I think,two different health food stores, one online, one in person.I feel like I’ve been doing a mixture of both and this one’s really exciting cause I actually got some things that could possibly be Sage’s first food. We’ll see how that goes.

We’re planning to try to introduce some new foods or foods for the first time in general this weekend.And I’m probably gonna film the behind the scenes of that,so stay tuned, but we’ve got some veggies here,we got some dry goods here.You won’t really see some of our staples like meat and eggs and stuff.We usually just order our meat online and I’ll link the place that we do that from below and then eggs, I got some the other day cause I was baking and I needed some,so we don’t have that.But usually I’ve been on a hard boiled egg kick.There’s a lot of eggs in this house being eaten.So we’re gonna hop right in.I got lots of veggies here.Actually, we’ll start with some of this prepped food that I got because being a new mom some times convenience is key.And these are from a health food store,so I feel a little bit better about getting them.They’re convenience foods but the ingredients are really good.These are vegetable pakoras, these are so good.You just toast them or warm them up in the oven.We actually don’t own a microwave.I get asked a lot about that.Just health reasons, but also I think it’s just as easy to heat up the stove just to heat up some food.So it comes with some pakoras and some dips,so those are really yummy.I think we’re gonna have them for luncha fter I’m done filming this haul.And then we have some pre-made salads.I usually make salads, but these are great.I find these ones aren’t too expensive,’cause there’s no meat in these ones.And then you can add your protein if you want,like a can of tuna, some shredded chicken if you have some cooked up for meal prepping,but I just got a house garden salad.And then this one is a little fancy.It’s a spinach and Gorgonzola salad.Matt wanted this one, it has like apricots and walnuts,and Gorgonzola cheese and stuff,so that’s yummy.And then another thing that I got that just helps making dinners that much easier is this, it’s called Piri Piri,but in Portuguese it’s like Piti Piti.It’s basically a marinade of lemon juice, paprika,garlic, oregano, cayenne pepper, olive oil,sea salt, and black pepper.You can make this but it’s just easy to make it or it’s easy to buy it.It’s also easy to make it but easier to buy it,but they make it in store,so I feel like it’s almost as good as homemade.And this is so good,

I just marinate it on chicken,roast it in the oven, like really, really good.We’ve been obsessed with that.I also have some roasted garlic hummus.This is a great snack in the afternoon.Some veggies, you can even spread it on a sandwich.For fruits and vegetables, I have some bananas.I have zucchini here.I don’t know what I’m gonna do.I bought these actually the other day and they’re already looking a little wrinkly.So I’m gonna have to use those today.I also have a beautiful mango.I saw it and I went to the store hungry,don’t do that.So I got a mango.I’m gonna have to figure out what to do with that.I got one pear, I’m trying not to buy too much fruit so it doesn’t go bad.I buy just what I think we’re gonna use.And we already had some apples in the fridge.So I got two pink lady apples.I got some avocados.I have two actually ripening in our salad bowl.I’ve been really into just like making a quick guac and just putting it on some kind of bowl,I’ve been doing shrimp bowls,I did chicken bowls the other day where you have like your veggies, your protein,some kind of carb like rice, and then mashed guac.It’s really good.Then we have some ginger.I usually like to get the organic one.I find it’s pretty similar in cost and it just tastes so much better.So I usually put this in smoothies,it just gives it a nice kick and it’s really good for you.I have, this is something I don’t always buy,it’s probably been a year since I’ve bought an eggplant.I’m either gonna make some Baba Ganoush or there’s this really yummy chick pea, tomato Moroccan stew with eggplant that I sometimes make,and I might do that.And then I have some tomatoes,which if you wanna get good tasting tomatoes,get them still on the vine.I feel like they’re so much sweeter,especially if tomatoes aren’t in season yet,getting them still on the vine makes them way sweeter.I got some cremini mushrooms here.Mushrooms are kind of a staple for us,we always add them into stuff.So we add them to pasta, pizza, I don’t know,I feel like there’s always a way to add mushrooms into something.I also got beautiful organic cauliflowe rwhich could be one of Sage’s first foods,I don’t know yet.I’m thinking of doing sweet potato, avocado,then cauliflower.I have to do some research this week before I just start pleading her food.And then I also for greensI got this beautiful organic kale.This is a huge head of kale.Usually I will either just make salads out of this or just add it to smoothies to swap it up from just spinach all the time.I got some cilantro.I got some rapini, which is kind of a bitter green,I love it.There’s a Portuguese dish that we add it into mashed potatoes.And I don’t know, it’s a really good combo,so that’s delicious with the chicken,with the Piri Piri sauce, really yummy.And then we got some organic carrots.I usually try to do my root vegetables organic cause they’re in the ground,so they’re soaking up all those pesticides that get added to our food.So I got some beautiful sweet potatoes,could be Sage’s first food, hope she likes it.I don’t know, do you just like roast them I guess,and then mash it up?I’ll have to ask her how she prefers her sweet potato.Okay,

then over here I have some canned stuff.I got some capers I’m out of, I just ran out of them.I love these in my 5 minute Caesar dressing.I probably mentioned that in my last haul,I’ve been making that all the time,so much that I even got a pre-made Caesar dressing.This one is just cashews, lemon juice, Dijon mustard,garlic, sea salt, pepper, olive oil, oh, Medjool dates,and water.So it’s made in store, which I love.And we just got that.So I’m gonna be making some chicken Caesars.And you can still add in capers in thereto give it that anchovy taste without the anchovies.And then we have some kimchi,which they were out of last time,I went to the health food store and we love this brand.We just love kimchi in general as a side dish to our mains.I also wanna make kimchi rice,I probably have said that too in the previous grocery haul,but yeah, kimchi is delicious.And fun fact, I feel like a lot of kids love sauerkrautand kimchi, those sour foods, there’s something to it.You would think it’s like picky eaters wouldn’t like it,but even my niece and nephew really like it.And yeah, I hope Sage likes it too.It’s really good for you, full of probiotics.Also got some raw local honey, but I actually got this for Cashew to help with her seasonal allergies.So I gave her a spoon of this yesterday and she’ll probably get one today, but yeah,honey is so good, I bake with it,on toast with peanut butter, some pam parts,is a great breakfast.And then for milks I got,so this is like our staple unsweetened oat milk.It’s a go-to that we have here at all times.And then I got two of these Nutpods creamers.This is like one of my favorite creamers,there’s no added sugar to it.This is the hazelnut flavor and this is the, wait for it,tosted marshmallow.I’ve had this one before, it’s really, really good.They have really cool flavors.I ordered these online and then I got some coconut aminos.I haven’t had this in a long time.I remember getting the Trader Joe’s brand one and I didn’t like it, it was too sweet,but I’ve heard this one’s good.I can’t remember, I’ve probably have had it at a restaurant before.But it’s an alternative to soy sauce,it’s made from coconuts and the coconut nectar and yeah,so if you can’t have soy, this is a good alternative.

I can have soy, I usually do tamari instead of soy sauce,but yeah, I’m excited to try that.And I got some my Caf-Lib, this is my herbal coffee I drink in the morning.A lot of people ask me why I don’t drink coffee?Many reasons, I don’t do well with caffeine,I’m also breastfeeding right now,so I feel like if I don’t need the caffeine,I probably shouldn’t do it.She already wakes up enough throughout the night.And yeah, I feel like I’ve more energy without the caffeine.It’s one of those, it’s hard to cut it in the beginning,but then after I feel like your energy levels are just way better and balanced without the caffeine,personally.Okay, then I also got some jam.We’ve been really into jam.I made my own strawberry chia jam the other day but this is just a really good brand, Healthy Crunch.They have a few different flavors.This is the blueberry chia jam,they have strawberry, raspberry, but I love blueberry jam.And this one’s nice cause I think there’s no actual sugar in it.Yeah, it’s only 2 grams of sugar per tablespoon,which is really low for jams.It’s sweetened with pear juice and lime juice,I think that’s it.Anyways, it’s really good, it has a chia seed,so it has the extra fiber and texture and it’s delicious,highly recommend trying that one out.And then, oh, randomly I got some,I really like this hand sanitizer by Dr. Bronner’s.It’s a spray one and I actually really like this for when we’re at the grocery store,’cause I can spray the car, I don’t know,it’s just sometimes easier to spray than the gel.So I like that one.And then I got some taco seasonings.So love this brand, Siete, they’re from the States,but certain stores online will deliver to Canada.So this one here is in mild and ingredients are awesome,nothing weird added to it.And it’s a huge pack,I feel like you could even use this for two dinners,but yeah, we love that brand.We also have their taco shells,which I’ll show you in a sec.And then I got some crackers here.These are my new favorite rice crackers.They’re just sesame flavored.And I used to eat like growing up,my mom always got rice cracker.Do you remember, Chlo?She had the rice ones with the seaweed flex in them.Do you remember?Anyways, they are really good.My mom’s been like eating this stuff her whole life.And it’s funny ’cause she used to eat so healthy when we were growing up and now I feel like it’s the opposite.She’s the one that’s like, “Is it donut time?”So yeah, we grew up on rice crackers with the seaweed and it was really tasty.And then I also got some homemade croutons made in the store, just like simple ingredients and stuff.And so it’s like a good quality seedy bread,seasoning, olive oil,and we’re gonna add this to our Caesar salad salads.We’re adding it to our Caesar salads with the dressing and the capers.I usually try to go to the grocery store with a plan with meals in mind.All right, then this is like our dry goods section.So I have some granola bars here.I’m really into this brand called Made Good.It’s actually almost empty.This is the apple cinnamon flavor,and they also have these bites that we get from Costco a lot, and they’re so good.I ate these a lot while breastfeeding,well, I’m still breastfeeding.But in the beginning I was eating these nonstop,it was kinda crazy, but they’re really yummy.The ingredients are great.

And they’re also school friendly.Then we have, okay, this brown rice pasta is so good.I never heard about it, it’s called Jovial.It’s delicious,it doesn’t even taste like gluten-free pasta.It has like that thicker starchier texture like regular pasta.It’s legit just organic brown rice flour and water.So I don’t know how they mix those two together that make it so good unlike other ones I’ve tried but they have penne, spiral, they have a whole lineup.I love this.If you see this brand, try it, it’s really, really good.And then for other barsI also really love these Perfect bars.This is in the flavor chocolate chip peanut butter.So these are meant to be in the fridge.So it’s kinda nice because it has just a different taste to it than other dry bars.And you can take them out of the fridgeI think for up to a week,but they’re made with all whole foods and it’s delicious.They’re high in protein.And this one legit tastes like cookie dough.I eat these ’cause I want dessert but also fills me up.It’s a protein bar that is like a mini meal.So you eat one and you’re good for a little bitun like other ones that you’re like,”Okay, that’s just the appetizer, I’m starving now.”So also really great for breastfeeding.All right, then I have to also talk about this brand,stretching here, Lily’s.So this chocolate brand is so good,and the reason why I love itis ’cause they’re just sweetened with Stevia.So it’s not a bunch of added sugar,the ingredients are really simple,and they have just milk chocolate baking chips that I use some banana bread.They also, I can’t remember if I tried this already,but they have milk chocolate chip style peanut butter cups.So definitely having that for dinner or for dessert tonight.And then these are also peanut butter chocolate covered peanuts.I got a lot of chocolate and yeah,they’re really, really good.They don’t taste like they’re sweetened without sugar,highly recommend checking them out.Oh, so back to that Siete brand,these are their taco shells, so good.They have a really awesome crunch.They’re more expensive than the corn ones.So they’re definitely a treat but they’re grain-free and they are just delicious.I love this brand.They make really good chips as well.All right, this next product is tahini.And now when it comes to tahini, if you’ve had one and it’s really bitter and you’re like,”I don’t like tahini”, try different brands because I used to think, “Is just all tahini bitter?”And I would eat it but it wasn’t like my favorite thing.You can get so many great brands are like that don’t have that bitter aftertaste.This is a new one I discovered, it’s called it’s by Soom.And I think it’s owned, it’s founded by some sisters.They have a picture on the back.It’s really, really good.This one and then there’s an orange one that you can actually find at Walmart in the ethnic aisle.It’s delicious.So check different brands, this one’s delicious,the other one with the orange lid is really good.I use this a lot in salad dressings and it’s so good that I’ll even just take a spoon kind of like peanut butter and just eat it, it’s really yummy.And it’s just blended up sesame seeds.That’s what tahini is.You’ll often find it in hummus.It’s like the key flavor component in that.I also have my favorite tea, camomile lavender,this is really good bedtime tea.I don’t think I’ve had this one before.I’m testing out kids’ cereals for Sage.Like I’m just doing my research as a parent, you know?Got this Love Grown cinnamon power O’s.This is the kinda cereal Sage is gonna eat.None of that Lucky Charms that I grew up on.Thanks mom.Actually, I think I forced her to buy it for us as a kid.I was like, “I hate you, mom, I want my Lucky Charms!”And you know, my favorite was the the Reese’s Puffs or whatever, I would still eat, those are good,intrecs, that’s good.What else do I have?Oh, I got some flax seeds which are great for smoothies, for fiber,good for breastfeeding.I got some popcorn.I saw someone post on Instagram stories the other day that this is the best popcorn, so I got it.It’s by Lesser Evil and just made with Himalayan pink salt.I feel like I’ve had it before, but I couldn’t remember.So I wanted to buy it to make sure.Olive oil, this olive oil is so good.I’ve actually met the owner.It’s by Acropolis, it’s delicious.So it’s a little bit pricier than the stuff that you maybe wanna cook with,but this is great.So I try to use avocado oil more for roasting and cooking,and then this one for salads and stuff that I’m eating it raw.And it’s really good.


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