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HAWAII IS OPEN AND NO ONE IS HERE! ūüĆļ (Hawaii Travel Restrictions) 2021

9 min read
ONE IS HERE! ūüĆļ (Hawaii Travel Restrictions) 2021

HAWAII IS OPEN AND NO ONE IS HERE! ūüĆļ (Hawaii Travel Restrictions) 2021

this the most beautiful place we’ve ever¬† been ?

Maybe! No matter whether you’re still¬†¬†just dreaming of this bucket list destination¬† or you’re planning your fifth return,¬†¬†there has never been a better time to visit¬† any of the hawaiian islands! Less crowds¬†¬†means more nature, better wildlife viewing,¬† safer travel, and cheaper prices! um hello!There’s just one topic on everyone’s mind:¬† how can I travel to Hawaii right now? You’ll¬†¬†obviously want to bypass quarantine of course,¬† so let’s just say a negative test result is¬†¬†required upon entry, and here’s how it works!¬† Travelers 5 and up are required to take an¬†¬†NAAT test from a trusted travel partner. Okay¬† that sounds too hard already? No no just wait!¬†¬†Book a testing appointment 72 hours before¬† your last leg departure flight into Hawaii¬†¬†with a partner and both cvs and Walgreens¬† offer this test free! Okay that it¬†¬†easy peasy. Thank you! I’m getting really good at¬† this! Wow that’s a lot easier than CVS. Holy cow!¬†¬†24 hours before departure upload your test¬†

result into the Safe Hawaii travel portal

they verify you and give you a QR code.When you arrive in Hawaii, you’ll present your¬† test results and QR code and you’re good to go!she read it.look at that that’s like you trade that in for¬† a tootsie roll with our cake oh maybe i’ll get¬†¬†like a stuffed pineapple inner island travel¬† is possible as general knowledge it’s easier¬†¬†to travel to let’s call it an outside island¬† then go back into oahu on your way out but¬†¬†we’re not going to cover that in this¬† video here because we’re just here in maui¬†¬†and let’s go on an adventure together aloha do i¬† want a kia optima or a chevy spark i don’t know¬†¬†what will we choose what could be more fun than¬† picking out your own rental car among an entire there’s no row no toyotas so i’m guessing¬† yeah the chevy spot why did you call that¬†¬†are we in agreement what i like¬† that yeah i like this one too¬†¬†i love chevy sparks they’re so¬† cute it’s just a little shoebox oh my god tim it’s just beautiful here¬†¬†oh my god okay if you’re like i was a couple¬† weeks ago you’ve never been to hawaii and don’t¬†¬†know the difference between maui kauai oahu and¬† kotu see the last one isn’t even real i’m just¬†¬†kidding in this video series we’re taking you¬† all over maui why mostly because i found a 300¬†¬†flight deal from miami but here’s¬† the rundown if you’re planning a trip¬†¬†maybe you found a cheap flight deal to honolulu¬† that’s on the island of oahu and home to the¬†¬†famous waikiki beach you would have an incredible¬†.

trip just visiting this one island

if you’re¬†¬†flying into kona that’ll take you to the hawaii¬† island named hawaii also known as the big island¬†¬†it’s the one you can actually see on most maps the¬† big island is home to hawaii volcanoes national¬†¬†park the most visited attraction in hawaii and¬† one of the most active volcanoes in the world¬†¬†all the way out on the west side is the island¬† of kauai for the sake of our channel let’s call¬†¬†this the tulum of the hawaiian islands a laid-back¬† natural getaway with the insta-worthy nepali coast¬†¬†that brings us back to the center¬† in the island family of maui nui¬†¬†before our trip i read that maui was the resort¬† island as it does have just about every chain¬†¬†resort somewhere on the island but over the next¬† two weeks in this video series we’re showing you¬†¬†the real reason people come here like humpback¬† whale season west maui beaches the lush yao valley¬†¬†sunrise at 10 000 feet over the haleakala¬†volcano and america’s most beautiful road¬†¬†trip the road to hana subscribe to see¬† the entire series and aloha from mauiso honey are you taking care of the pool i prefer hi¬† honey okay make sure that you turn the filter on¬†¬†and don’t run the heater too¬† long i know you like it warm¬†¬†and then if there’s any geckos that get inside¬† the lanai you let them out the door okay¬†¬†okay good job you’ll be a good¬† girl bye pepper i’ll see you soon.

today we’re going on a west maui road

trip and what’s way better than trip¬†¬†advisor is asking all of you what to do¬† i put an instagram question and over a¬†¬†hundred of you responded with things that we¬† should go do and see and great places to eat¬†¬†so come with us now as we visit lahaina kanapali¬† and kapalua and if you’re watching this video¬†¬†to plan your trip to maui and you want this list¬† of over 100 recommendations just send me a dm on¬†¬†instagram and i’ll just send it over to you but¬† until then enjoy these three cute little town saway swept away in my head oh the first day we were here we spent¬† the afternoon watching whales do¬†¬†full body breeches out of the water nat geo¬† style so now anything but that feels like a¬†¬†little bit of a letdown that’s not going to¬† stop us from trying to get it on film though¬†¬†alison finney whale videographer¬† researching across the oceans ready this is second breakfast hobbit¬† style because this is literally¬†¬†what i made for myself about two hours¬† ago at home before we got in the caryeah that is why we’re here we’re doing a lot of¬† this today but stay tuned in future episodes where¬†¬†we head up there i’m so i’m so excited this is¬† a throwback to seventh grade or whatever i think¬†¬†i’m gonna oh we’re gonna i’m gonna bring it back¬† it’s two is it can i come back well i think jeans¬†¬†are getting bigger right james are getting¬† bigger like the 90s are so in like why not¬†¬†i think one of each maybe okay¬† don’t make fun of me in the comment wait we are going there though no no we couldn’t¬† get in there oh yeah it’s monsoon next time star¬†¬†nudie next time oh that’s where all the big boy¬† resorts are we haven’t seen any of these yet¬†¬†oh they’re up there whoa¬† where are we this is amazing¬†¬†that is where we’re hoping to get over¬† to at the end of the week on a helicopter¬†¬†it’s been so crazy windy though i¬† don’t know if that’s gonna affect it¬†¬†one of the most important things¬†is never have batteries for your camera so that¬† you have to take a break midway through the day¬†¬†and just charge wherever you’re reading okay¬† so i take all the recommendations and then i¬†¬†put them all in google maps so whenever¬† we need a break or we’re hungry we just¬†¬†see what’s close and one of you recommended¬† joey’s kitchen and so here we are oh my gosh¬†¬†mahi tacos and tim coconut shrimp also looking¬† amazing thank you for the recommendationfun fact when i was studying abroad in mexico my¬† new mexican friends down there were asking why all¬†¬†americans like lean your head down to eat a taco¬† and they were like you just eat a taco like thisand i’m like we never thought of that¬†¬†you can shove more of it in your mouth¬† though if you go sideways it’s alwaysif you’re new here this is why we get to¬† live this awesome lifestyle it’s because we¬†¬†own a small business and we sell travel gear on¬† amazon so i’m going to talk about it right now¬†¬†because we’re here in hawaii launching our two new¬† backpack colors island blue which looks beautiful¬†¬†with this beautiful watercolor and another color¬† that you’re going to see that¬†¬†we’re going to launch up in the mountains and¬† in the jungle and look at all the stuff that i¬†¬†can fit two big towels mask and snorkel and i’ve¬† got a big water bottle and a water bottle holder¬†¬†two sunscreens on the other side¬† there is a sunglass pouch with felt¬†¬†extra protection here and a whole front pocket¬† what is even more exciting about our backpack¬†¬†is that it’s all compressible and¬† it folds up into a little pouch¬†¬†now we just need to sit and enjoy watching¬† all of the cliff jumpers here at blackrock¬†¬†we’re kind of doing maui on a budget by chance¬† really we got an awesome cheap flight alert 300¬†¬†from florida so if you’re on the¬† west coast it’s probably even cheaper¬†¬†our airbnb coveted special 125 dollars a night¬† what that shakes out to be though is much cheaper¬†¬†than the people who are paying 400 a night¬† here at the sheridan and guess what we’re on¬†¬†the same beach we’re enjoying the same view we’re¬† gonna go jump off the same rocks it’s a good deali really should have worn sandals¬† out here this is really sharpcome onhelloohperfect thank youmy flip-flop just had critical fit so¬† i’m down to one flip flop one barefootit couldn’t be salvaged i just have to leave¬† it here in hawaii it’s where it belongs now¬†¬†we’re just steps off the beach over 10 of you¬† told us we must come to monkey pod and get a¬†¬†mai tai it’s a little bit corporate for our vibe¬† we’re more of the shack off the side of the road¬†¬†now that mai tai has been delivered¬† we completely understand why¬†¬†the waiter recommended sipping the foamy top¬† because the whole bottom is rum then stirring¬†¬†it in kind of choose your own adventure¬† drinks that’s fun good great recommendationguys there’s not a lot of reasons to get¬† off the beach early but that is happy houri hold on to this stormleft again left againwe’re driving north to try to hit a blow hole¬†

before sunset today and just saw this forest

grove off to the side of the road this is major¬† new zealand vibes where you’re just driving and¬†¬†every three minutes there’s something that is¬† catching your eye and you’ve got to pull over¬†¬†and check out and it was the first time we¬† saw a rainforest jungle so far and we’re so¬†¬†excited for what the rest of the trip brings¬† it’s so impossibly green here it’s so greenoops there’s another whale hey here these people¬† are all seeing the waterfall is this the blowhole¬†¬†crown excuse me is this the blow i’m under¬† dressed for the blowhole i’m gonna be reading¬†¬†how was the blowhole everybody breathing¬† do you want to hear about the chevy spark do you want to talk about your wardrobe change¬† or just do a wardrobe change sure this wardrobe¬†¬†change is sponsored by trip travel gear a¬† wonderful way to keep your clothes organized¬†¬†in your chevy spark oh i’m gonna fall over that’s¬† the blowiest blowhouse that’s jack’s blowhole manhellowhat a way to end an episode this is a¬† great little preview of what we’re gonna see¬†¬†in next week’s episode here on the north side of¬† maui so subscribe if you’re not to join the party¬†¬†more blowholes to come more blowholes uh and¬† more green and more hiking and more nature¬†¬†come back next week thanks for hanging out with us¬† see you next week yeah the chevy spa what i like¬†¬†that yeah i love chevy sparks it’s just a little¬† shoebox quick timeout for a shout out to all the¬†¬†chevy sparks out there in the world we end up with¬† a lot of chevy sparks they always perform they’re¬†¬†they’re always there for you i’ve come around to¬† him i used to hate them now they’re the cutest¬†¬†best little rental car that you can get¬† i’m so embarrassed will you delete that¬†¬†this episode is brought to you by chevy spark¬† all right i had a two second thing about chevy¬†¬†sparks i love the chevy spark that’s it¬† brought to you by chevy sparks tim do you¬†¬†mind if i talk about our travel gear in the¬† episode no but let’s definitely talk about¬†¬†commercials chevy spark no you already¬† made fun of me with chevy’s funny send me my check you can send it right to me you

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