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God Of War Ascension Download & Install In PC 2022

7 min read
God Of War Ascension Download & Install In PC 2021

God Of War Ascension Download & Install In PC 2021

all-right in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how to play God war ascension on the PC with the our pcs 3emulator now do to keep in mind since this game is basically this very graphical heavy it really depends on your GPU and the CPU so if you have are ally strong modern PC like the Is event with a gtx graphics card 2080 where like like your pc is really strong you’re most likely to get the best performance out of somebody compared to i 5 RI 3 so keep that in mind when you’re trying to get this game so also i’ll leave everything in the description down below that guys we need to do to get this game up and running and yeah without further ado let’s get right into this video let’s get it all right first things first i’m gonna go to the websiterpsc3.

Net which i’ll leave indescription down below make sure you guys check that out you’ll go to the download page and then you’re gonna download for windows because that’s the common operating system knightly now as it gets smaller you open this up first things first I suggest you guys making a new folder and call it our PC s3 as you see right here and I’m just doing is copying all of this and drag and drop in it right here and I’m gonna minimize this real quick and we open up the RPC s3 folder now open this up click both on these two press Continue now you’re gonna need a firmware installer I’ll leave in the description down below to the firmware installer all you have to do is greet to the terms and you basically download if you do not have the firmware installer you will not be playing games on the RPC s3 emblem so it’s very important to have the firmware installer so I’ll leave the description down below for that and basically how you install the firmware you go to file and install firmware and whatever you have your firmware is located which Ijust download so it should be in my downloads section right here and the pup file now basically wait for it to install all right click on the short message again and then wait for it to compiling all the PP modules which six won’t take a couple seconds what is to do alright now we got after you got the firmware installed we mess around some of the configurationsettings go to GPU automatically set that’s a Vulcan to make sure using your graphics card and you know that’s basically it for now save and you’re good to go and then we’re gonna mess with the pad settings make sure you got pad this em layer works well

Xbox 360 or xbox one controller because it’s Windows base and then you save it and yeah you’re basically all good to go since after you got everything set up the firmware installed the pad set installed and then forget the configuration settings to the basic default you will need and based on your graphics card now you guys gonna need the game now I do suggest only doing this if you have the hard copy or digital copy a guard where a session extension on the PlayStation 3 if you guys do not have the hard copy or there’s a copy of the game I do not condone you guys getting games off the internet this is not what this video is about it’s only for educational purposes only for people who actually do have the game because if you have the gamedigital digitally or you have a hardcopy of the game yeah very right to emulate your game on the PC that’s what that’s basically emulation is so yeah I’ll leave the description down below to this website this is basically you get the game now I do suggest the method of getting this game is through the Google Drive and you’re basically downloading all these parts whoo piece by piece you can download these six out of time butut’s gonna make a computer or your internet a little bit slow because dueto the fact that there’s a lot of stuff downloading and then when you downloading all those parts they won’t come as RAR files subapically an extract them into one folder basically combine them into one folder i’ll say use the meddling the meddling due to the fact that meddling has a limit i do not suggest it at all you can try the digital PKG and wraps but there could be some problems with that so that’s why i don’t suggest using that it still works but may come with dosome with some error so the best method is going to google using the g-drivelink downloading how many parts of this game I believe it’s like 90 something I’m downloading almost 99 parts almost100 parts and then you combine all the rar files until one folder that’s where you’re basically doing it takes at least max one hour two hours if you’re trying to push it a little bit but yeah that’s basically it and after you combine the whole folder I’m gonna combine all of our files it should come up as something like this something like this something similar to this already and after you do thatbasically how you set up the game is youboot it go to

my desktop by the war is just like older oh that’s the correct way to do that always gets me everytime i always tension select it and maybe basically wait for this thing to finish loading up basically and after that you should be good to go now do keep in midchat this game is heavily depending on the type of PC you have if you guys have weak PC and saying that oh it doesn’t work oh my friends are too low is this game is PC dependent so for now our pc’s three emulator I’ll say forged worked three and got our attention these games are not fully they’re notauli playable depends on what type of PC hardware you have I seen tutorials on people making how to play World War Three but the game is not fully playable and I seen people have complaining thatcher is when he gets to a certain part of the game or again two or three four frames because it’s all PC depending it’s not when it’s when it’s considered quote-unquote fully playable that’s when you’re gonna start seeing this like the motion the much more lore NPCs are capable of playing it but it has to be playable on a high-end PC first if that makes any sense so yeah I’m basically gonna wait for this there’s gonna take a couple of minutes and after that you should have the game booting up and yeah that’s basically it that’s how you basically get this game up and running really pretty prettiest it’s pretty simple and easy but the our pcs 3 emulator is so complex like you can do we can mess around a lot of settings and do a lot of different things with the emulator That’s like you got so much variety but that’s only only really gets fun when the game is fully playable or not when it gets to when it’s half fully playable if that makes any sense I said for example a game like skate 3 it’s considered fully playable on this and everybody messed with a lot of different settings mess with the shaders for messing with the graphical settings like this is crazy when a game is fully playable on our PC s3 emulator anything like customize your settings like crazy pretty sick alright so I’m awake for this so basically finished

downloading it should take at least four minutes and max no other every DES takes a little bit longer is either because something your PC is taking up your processing power every tab should be closed every app should be closed when you’re basically playing RPC s3 emulator because it takes up a lot of your GPU power and your CPU power all right I forgot that bullying up you should have the game pony up as you can see right here see the warning sign Sony Interactive Sony Computer Entertainment All that good stuff after that we just closed it up the game actually does Bulland yeah that’s basically it that’s how you run a God of War ascension on the PC with the RP cs3 emulator like I said this game is very dependent on the graphical part how strong your PC is if you have a really strong PC this game should be playable it may not be fully

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