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Finland Vlog : Walking around a bay on a lovely day in Helsinki 2021

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Finland Vlog Walking around a bay on a lovely day in Helsinki 2021

Finland Vlog Walking around a bay on a lovely day in Helsinki 2021

Go for a walk after work today. My plan is walking around the bay and showing you the spring vibes here in Helsinki.I added narration in some where there was loud wind noise. Some people walk here clockwise and others walk counterclockwise. It’s a controversial topic.I’m taking this counterclockwise route.After I moved to Finland, I began to appreciate sunlight. I didn’t feel the importance of sunlight when .

I was in Japan

In Finland, when there is sunlight in winter, people tend to go out to get sunlight Speaking of sunlight, I still remember one moment from my first year in Finland as a master’s student.We didn’t see any sunshines for a couple weeks in winter time.One day during a class, the sun gradually came out.Then the professor took a break and told us to go out and get some sunshine.I somehow remember that well.It’s been snowing a lot in Helsinki this year.This Töölö bay wasn’t frozen last winter but this year it does.I see quite many people walking today.I guess they ended work a bit early and came out as the weather is great.It’s Wednesday today but I have days off on the next two days.I have 10 holidays left that should be taken by the end of April, so I have many days off this and next month.Based on my working experience in Finland.

Take 6 weeks of holidays in a year

Usually you take 4 weeks off in summer and 2 weeks off in winter. In addition, my company allow us to take holidays for other purposes than annual holidays such as round birthday (30, 40, 50, 60 years old), a holiday for a moving day, and so on However, there are not many national holidays in Finland Also, people here take holidays during Christmas but don’t tend to take long holidays around New Year Days unlike Japanese people do It’s pretty cold now According to iPhone, the air temperature is -8 degrees but it also says the feeling temperature is -16 degrees We are in a walking distance of Helsinki Central Railway Station Having this sort of nature near the central part of the city is a good thing about Helsinki I think some Finns would say that Helsinki is a busy city For some Finns, the word forest isn’t just like woods area Someone once told me that going to nature means that you go places in the middle of nowhere I often walk here especially in summer When the restriction started, many people were walking here as there were not much to do.

During summer time they make terrace seats with the nice view here and you can have coffee or some snacks It’s closed during winter time It looks like there is a cafe over there so I’m going to check it Welcome Would would you like? Do you have something hot to drink?… Oh can I get hot chocolate?Due to the current restriction, we can’t drink inside the cafe, but they have takeout food and drink so I’m having hot chocolate at this terrace.My body warmed up after drinking hot chocolate and I’m heading back home now. Thank you so much for watching That’s all from Helsinki where spring is just around the corner.

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