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Best in Buriram Street Food Hunt in ISAN Thailand Motorbike Tour

12 min read
Best in Buriram Street Food Hunt in ISAN Thailand Motorbike Tour

Best in Buriram Street Food Hunt in ISAN Thailand Motorbike Tour

Welcome to Buriram! today we are going right there! i was just few meters away and two ladies were taking pictures with my motorcycle and i said – what are you doing?”oh, this is your car? this is your car? amazing it’s a very nice motorcycle i hope it still will be here when i will be back from exploring this volcano and yeah they really have got volcano

here in Buriram despite the landscape

Of this city is pretty flat never the less they’ve got volcano and now now i’m at the top of this volcano incredible they’ve got a forest park here and a golden statue of Buddha on the top of the volcano a volcano in Thailand volcano in Buriram the reason why I’ve come here is because i want to see Buriram from the bird’s eye view and explore this volcano because we’ve got some forest here and it’s pretty hot it’s pretty hot here and something tells me that this is the highest viewpoint around Buriram because as you see the landscape is pretty flat no mountains, no hills, no other volcanoes only forests, roads and some fields and some construction works at the bottom you are not a cat the guys have asked me – is it hot here?i said – yeah it’s really hot the hottest place they said – yeah of course, because this is a real volcano they’ve got sense of humor here on the top amazing and now i’m going to the crater crater of the volcano which has already overgrown with trees and weeds but still we can walk inside or at least around it we can try check it out yoni pisat devil’s vagina tree probably the most hilarious name of a tree i’ve ever seen in my life what is your favorite tree?oh my favorite tree is pine and yours?oh my favorite tree is devil’s vagina how much should you hate trees to give a tree the name devil’s vagina devil’s vagina tree how many times did i say “vagina” in this video?this place has got many trees because it’s the forest park so you don’t feel that hot as at the bottom, as in the city Buriram city i can even feel the cool wind cool breeze so you’re really enjoying exploring this place and now i got to find a crater a way to the crater maybe this is it this thing looks like a real slide so you can sit and slide to the bottom of this hill in Russia we do the same in winter time we do slides ice slides on hills but this one is summer option

summer version

doesn’t look really clean so i think i’m not gonna try this one no, not for me can you hear this hissing sound?crazy hissing sound these are insects this is it – Kradong volcano and the crater which as you see doesn’t really look like crater because it’s overgrown with trees with weeds but still pretty interesting probably the first volcano in my life thank you dear Buriram for introducing me a real volcano here amazing and this is definitely a real lava yeah real volcano rocks yeah we need to refill this energy that we’ve spent here exploring this crater exploring this volcano time to have lunch which is also breakfast for me keep fighting Mickey!hello!where are you going, sir?I’d like to come inside to take a look You can’t, sir oh I can’t?Cannot why?Yamaha show There is a show?It’s Yamaha event yep unfortunately we can’t enter Buriram has got huge stadium with own international racing track but unfortunately today there is a Yamaha team show and only Yamaha team members and workers of the stadium can enter inside so we can’t see it we only can hear the noise the sounds of racing anyway instead i want to show you another place it’s called Buriram castle as you see this is it here we can see a temple or a castle which was made in the ancient style i went here yesterday and i’ve seen many people enjoying it and chilling watching football game on this huge tv with many kids playing games, playing with skateboards and so on and even a small market with music and lots of delicious tasty foods street foods yeah but today there is no one because this little market is open only on weekend – on Saturday and Sunday so yeah i still got to wait a little bit for the food and instead we can enjoy this Buriram castle because it’s another must-visit place in Buriram city let’s check it out together!and somewhere there on the horizon you can see the volcano we have just visited I can even see the golden buddha statue on top of it and here is another ancient style structure surrounded by sand field man this place looks really interesting this beautiful structure – you can take hundreds pictures for your social media and there is a stadium and a racing track and probably some exhibitions too.

Here on weekend you can enjoy street food at this market

wow Buriram that’s impressive!really impressive!bye bye elephant see you next time!Hello Is this market open today?what did you say?Is this market open today?it’s open what time it will be open?around 16.00 okay, thank you guys this market will be open at 16.00 and everyone will be ready around 17.00 probably or 18.00 so we need to find food somewhere else and i think i know the place are you closed?are you closed?no, we are not hello you’ve got duck, right?yeah we have grilled duck you can take a look this is the grilled duck how much is it?180 Baht here is grilled pork too how much for grilled pork?how much for the grilled pork?120 baht I want to try duck, because I’ve seen on Google everyone says the duck is very delicious here very yummy (Isan language) do you want rice?i want rice, i want papaya salad can you cook papaya salad?we can i want Thai style papaya salad little bit spicy?i can eat spicy you can add 3 chili but please don’t add fermented fish sauce okay sure so what do we have today guys?as you see – beautiful Buriram somtam salad with papaya and grilled duck whole duck for me only and of course sticky rice in a traditional in a traditional cup how do you call this thing ?well i’m really satisfied with this selection of food and with this restaurant and something tells me it’s going to be really delicious let’s try to find out together!spicy and sour interesting really interesting taste really refreshing with small dried shrimps i’ve got a special test if you don’t know is restaurant good or not you always need to smell the sticky rice if it smells like socks then probably whole food will be so so but if it smells like like your first woman lol then everything’s gonna be really delicious it’s ideal it might look there is a car service shop next door I’m sorry for this noise it looks a bit dry from the first sight and i thought so but when you try the first bite it’s amazing it’s extremely delicious and this skin duck skin is just so crunchy really crunchy wow wow i even forgot to try this special sauce for barbecue this is my favorite Thai sauce for barbecue i forgot the name of it but it’s for chicken and for duck too for grilled chicken or grilled duck okay let’s try it’s 15.00 and it’s my first meal of the day so i’m sorry if i am looking like i’m really hungry yeah i don’t need this i’m too hungry for this let’s try another one another duck leg together with the spicy sauce dear Donald duck you are so delicious and welcome to another must visit place in Buriram this is the city pillar shrine and as you see the design and architecture of this place is very similar to

Angkor wat in Cambodia

There is a reason in the past Isan used to be a territory of the legendary Khmer empire the same empire that built Angkor wat that’s why during this trip in many different provinces we will be seeing Khmer style temples, Khmer style structures and so on including this one there is a beautiful temple behind me which is located right across the road this is the city pillar shrine and this is the temple called Wat Klang something really long because they always have very long names for  Thai temples and here is the kind of square pond which looks pretty beautiful and it’s sunset time there is the sun going down behind me it’s sunset time maybe we can try to catch the sunset hunt for the sunset again it’s a good tradition on this channel so maybe i can try to find a place where we can see it because it’s so beautiful round and orange besides the temple is already closed there are about 20 monks sitting in front of the temple okay i got to jump on a bike as always and try to find a great place to enjoy the sunset together with you so hit the like button yeah it’s very important to hit the like button i’m working hard for you i’m getting tired for you let’s go!it’s just perfect time!well i thought this is the best place to enjoy the sunset however i don’t even know how to get closer this is the monument of King Rama First King Rama One but this is the circle and cars are circling non-stop so i don’t know i don’t see any crosswalk i don’t know how to get closer and something tells me that in about 30-40 minutes there will be a beautiful lighting beautiful illumination of this monument so we need to wait for the darkness and while i was riding – i’ve noticed there is a street food market probably evening market or flea market so maybe we can explore street food scene toobe cause today is my last day in Buriram tomorrow i’m gonna change the province let’s try to explore this place very cold not a sponsor of the video not a sponsor but please dear tea company or dear water company contact me i’ll be glad to sponsor you i’ll be glad if you’ll be sponsoring me yeah that’s my proper version hello you’ve got balls to travel to Isan? you’ve got balls?Hello spring rolls are 30 Baht?and what is this?it’s a dessert with corn yeah, i can see there is corn i piece for 20 baht?4 pieces for 20 baht1 for 5 baht okay, i get it one portion of this, please and 4 of these ok, sure I’ll give you big, okay?Okay, i have a big body – i need to eat big too i’ll add vegetables too, okay?can you eat chili?i can eat spicy i can eat vegetables very good!50 baht for this heavy bag thank you very much bye bye hello how much for 1 box?it’s a salad with fruits how much for fruits salad?with fruits – 40 baht another one for 35 baht do you want it?i want one with fruits this one is with fruits for 40 baht and this one is a bit different for 35 baht with more vegetables thank you very much bye bye hello one bottle please one bottle one bottle?20 baht, right? (Isan language) oh you speak Isan language I don’t need a bag could you open it please?i want drink it now hold a second, please ohh why?I can’t put it back because i am already too fat thank you my pockets are too small or maybe my ass is too big because i can’t put wallet inside in a pocket a refreshing fresh juice for 20 baht you need to drink a lot of water and not only water because dehydration is crazy Buriram is very hot maybe even more than Korat i think i should get couple kilograms Hello is this pork?It’s chicken how much for a bag? ah 25 Baht 25, right? (Isan language)25 yeah i know how to say 20 and 25 one bag please check this out, guys is this bami noodles?yes it is bami noodles together with chicken for 25 baht for one bag  and probably today i’ll have to eat in my hotel room again is mango sour or not?is mango sour or sweet?this mango is sour and sweet and this is a mango salad?and these are mango pieces is this mango too?yes, it is with sauce it is with shrimps, right?yes, tiny shrimps how much for 1 bag?30 baht whole bag of mango yellow mango together with special sweet and sour spicy sauce with shrimps i’d like one bag, please you want one bag?30 baht okay so big!1 kilogram, isn’t it?very heavy i think now it’s definitely the end because i’ve got a really small backpack man i love those flea markets everything is cheap, portions are huge, people are nice and friendly amazing Buriram!i told you i told you there will be beautiful lighting in the evening time beautiful illumination this is it and seems i’m not the only one who is struggling with crossing this road Foreigner is here farang wants to go!Hello where are you from?from Russia oh Russia cool!very interesting moment i’ve noticed that many people come here to paste the golden leaves same as they do it in temples in temple statues on temple statues you see these are small golden leaves i’ve seen so many people during the daytime here that’s what they are doing here you can even see more on the ground it’s extremely beautiful especially in the evening time really great place for an evening stroll and there is another smaller market more modern more clean with about 15 street food stalls so if you think this market that i have just visited is too local for you then yeah, you can just park your vehicle here and enjoy pad thai, salad rolls or some dishes with rice and now it’s my turn to go the hotel room yep we are back to our cave and now is the final part of this video a part where i will be trying the foods we bought today at this flea market yellow bami noodles with chicken for 25 baht i wish i had microwave here and a plate fruit salad with some what’s that?looks like barley barley corn red beans pineapple maybe even longan or lychee maybe longan apples bananas interesting combination and even melon Thai melon and a huge cup of mayonnaise i’ll need to run at least an hour to burn this pack of mayonnaise so probably i’ll be eating it dry raw and not now let’s try the dessert like it is to understand the taste and the ingredients i can see corn and there is something else something like beans whoa you really need to have excellent jaws to chew this dish and this one another bag with spring rolls and more peanuts and more sweet sauce one hour to run two hours to run three hours to run to burn this sauces sugar and mayo fat and sugar oops oops can i try?i can see bean sprouts inside and noodles mmm it’s really good even without sauce carrots some vegetables wow vegetables a kilogram of clean mango how much was it? 30 baht!amazing but the smell yeah the smell is crazy but it’s tasty it’s really tasty, guys by the way this is the final video about Buriram tomorrow i’m going to change the province tomorrow i’m heading to Surin probably when you will be watching this video i’m already will be in Surin exploring Surin so it’s very important to hit the like button it’s really.

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