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Amazing Cochinita Pibil Chichen Itza Ruins! Yucatan Mexico Travel Vlog 2021

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Amazing Cochinita Pibil Chichen Itza Ruins! Yucatan Mexico Travel Vlog 2021

Amazing Cochinita Pibil Chichen Itza Ruins! Yucatan Mexico Travel Vlog 2021

Were Dennis and Liz full-timer RVers who spent the past eight months RVingMexico in our renovated class RV,and last weeks travel vlog we arrived to Valladolid, Yucatan,a beautiful pueblo magico where we were able to try new foods,learn about ancient mayan bees, and visit some stunning cenotes.In this week’s travel vlog, our Valladolid adventures continueas we’ve dine at Chef Rosalia Chay’s restaurant from chef’s table BBQ.I can tell this is going to be the best cochinita we’ve tried by a long shot,swim in a secret cenote, and visit the famous ruins of Chichen Itza.We got some cenotes, we’ve got cochinita pibil, we got ruins.

Today’s one of those days

I just want to like pinch myself

It’s hard to even believe that this is our life.We’re super excited. This is part two of the Valladolid vlog.And today we’re bringing you to an extra, extra,extra special place,because we’re about to eat cochinita pibil at one of the top 20 restaurants in the world, at chef Rosalia Chay’s house.This is like, I got goosebumps, that’s how cool this is going to be.Coming here is a true experience.We’re going to be here for about two and a half hours.And not only do we get to eat cochinita pibil and relleno negro among a few other dishes,but we also get to participate in the making of the tortilla as we get to watchher uncover the cochinita from the pib.It truly is a unique way to interact with the Mayan culture.This is a tradition making cochinita pibil in this way.That’s been around for centuries and she makes the best cochinita around.It’s arguably I’m sure everyone has their own favorite cochinita,but being voted among the top 20 restaurants in the entire world, really,really has to say something. If you’re staying in Valladolid,you’re going to have to drive an hour to Yaxunah,which is a super tiny Mayan Pueblo. There’s not even cell service,but there are a lot of cool things to do,including an archeological zone and a cenote that we’ll be checking out after dinner when we’re super full from all the cochinita.So definitely prepare for this.I do recommend making reservations online since they don’t have internet here,they don’t actually coordinate the reservations,but she does have a website where you can actually pay for the reservations and booking beforehand. It’s only 70 us dollars per person to dine here,which if you consider the quality of the food that you’re getting and thee xperience as a whole, that’s a steal.

If you were to go to any of the other top 20 restaurants

you’d be paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars to die. Okay?Now that you’re filled in on everything, let’s have our experience.Cochinita Pibil as we know it today became the traditional dish of the Yucatan after the Spanish arrived in the 1500’s. The Mayans,who used a pib or underground oven to cook many varieties of food for centuries prior,created this dish using new ingredients imported to the area by theSpanish.Chef Rosalia Chay makes the most authentic cochinita pibil possible,using a special type of black hairless pig called Cerdo Pel├│n Mexicano,cooking the meat up to 8 hours in the underground pib.Rosalias masterful skill and love of her craft,a tradition passed down to her by her mother,is what elevates her cochinita above others you may try elsewhere in Mexico.Nearly all the ingredients used to make her cochinita pibil and relleno negro are grown in Chef Rosalia’s backyard,including sour oranges and achiotes which give the recado rojo it’s deepred color. Her kitchen is completely outdoors,employing only the most traditional tools to cook each meal, wood fires,underground pibs, matates for gril ding, and comals baking tortillas. Her sister,assists with preparing fresh tortillas by hand each day,a tremendous responsibility considering the average Mayan eats 8 to10 tortillas with each meal roughly 30 per day.Yes.To prepare the Cochinita pibil and relleno negro, Chef Rosalia makes a recado,a paste of spices and herbs on her matate,a stone grinder traditionally used by the Mayans and other ancient meso americancorn cultures.In the Yucatan the three most famous recados are negro,used for the relleno negro, rojo which is used for the cochinita pibil,and recado blanco, which is the base for all other recados.Cochinita Pibil is a dish reserved for special occasions like wedd ngs,big birthdays, or religious celebrations.The pib used to cook Cochinita Pibil is traditionlay used only once.However, because of the number of guests she receives,Chef Rosalia uses her pibs for about one month before constructing a new one.Our first dish was Tamales colados, a special tamal made with lard, maiz,tomato, chicken, and a sauce from the achiote.The tamal is wrapped in a banana leaf then steamed keeping the maiz moist and combing all the the beautiful flavors! Oh,it’s super flavorful. Oh, it has a little spice.And I love how it’s not so dry. Like the moistness. I hate that word,but the moistness is really good.I’m so excited.This is good.The texture of the pork.Is so soft and smooth.To finish the entire experience and meal off.We are going to be drinking Xtabentun,which is a liquor that is made with anis and miel, honey. Salud!Oh.It’s quite lovely. I normally hate anis, like really do not like it.This is quite lovely. Definitely has strong anis flavors,but the honey from it really balances out.Absolutely incredible.Just such a unique experience to not just get to eat the most amazing meat can cochinita we’ve ever had. But to also get to know more about her story,to see how she cooks it to get to meet her. I mean, just the chef,chef Rosalia is part of the experience in itself.But now that we’re full and very happy,we’re going to go jump in a very cool and refreshing cenote.Fine.We didn’t know that this one was here until we got to Rosalia’s place.The one we were expecting to visit today was actually Kill which is all over Instagram and the internet in general. It’s super famous,but we’re glad we didn’t end up going there because we talked to some people that we met at Lol-Ha today and they said it’s a very similar experience to the notes we visited in Valladolid. So we have to wear a life jacket.It’s super touristic. It’s very,

very developed tons of people visiting from Chichen Itza up

this one on theo ther hand, very private, very rustic,no one was there bothering us. They had life jackets available,but it wasn’t required. It was just a much nicer experience all around.So my perfect day from Valladolid would be to go to Chichen Itza as soon as the gates open, I think it opens at 8:00 AM. If you get there right,then,then you can get all of your pictures without a bunch of tourists behind you and it’s going to be way less crowded in the morning. By the time you’re done,at Chichen Itza, if you’ve made your reservation at Rosalia’s is you can come here at 11 to sit down and dine at Rosalia’s house.Then after you’re done dining at Rosalia’s house,you can walk a block over to Lol-Ha and jumping the cenotes that’s seriously,like best day ever. Best day ever.We decided to stop by the archeological zone. You don’t need that anymore,which is called Yaxuna hand it means the first house.Yes Yaxunah and it actually connected to the great city of Coba,which is a popular archeological zone that you can go to.That’s not too far from Tulum. It’s about halfway between here.There’s actually a long white road that’s supposed to connect all the way ahundred kilometers from the ruins of Coba to here, because this was, um,I guess like a satellite city. Yeah.That was important to the great city of Coba.So we’re just going to see what there is to see here.We’re not paying for a guide or anything. It’s only an hour before closing.It’s typically a hundred pesos per person.When we came to visit the archeological zone.And then if you wanted to hire a guide to learn more about the history and the site itself, that’s separate.Yes.

The Mayans sure knew how to pick a location its beautiful

With the trees, it kind of feel like it’s a little bit of like the African Serengeti. All of the green lushness, the yellow flowers. So beautiful.Well.Today’s one of those days where I just want to like pinch myself.It’s hard to even believe that this is our life.Thank you for your guys’s support here by watching our vlogs by commenting,liking, and subscribing to our channel. Hint, hint,if you haven’t subscribed yet,but we also wanted to give a special thank you to our Patrons.You help us experience that much more. Go to those fun,new places. Try that amazing cochinita pibil.So if you’re interested in learning more about Patron,we’ll have a link to that below, but to all of our patrons, thank you!And if you’re interested in pursuing this lifestyle,let us know in the comments,we love hearing stories about our blogs have inspired you to change parts of your life.Even if that’s trying a new food or a drink because you saw or heard about ithere,maybe it’s actually traveling to Mexico for the first time or buying your first RV and going on the road, whatever it is. We love hearing those stories.And I hope that you realize that you can pursue this lifestyle.If it’s something you’ve dreamed up, take a small trip, start there,start with what you can and know that this life can be reality for you.And that we don’t take it for granted. We’re very, very grateful.We’re the only people here.No vendors, no nothing.Just us, the bees, the birds and the pyramids.Pretty great way to explore and archeological zone.Yeah. If we could have got a guide that would have been the cherry on top.Yes, because we don’t really know what we’re looking at. I mean,they do have signs for it but they don’t actually explain anything about it.It’s just telling you what the building was probably.This feels like some Indiana Jones stuff. Themos quito game is strong here.We’re at the top of the temple of Maya,which is this giant Hill that we saw from the other biggest temple that’s over here, but it’s completely, unexcavated,I’m sure if they excavated this thing,it would be absolutely stunning for now.We just get to enjoy the views from at the top.

The sun is about the set and you can see the whole area from up here

at least through the trees.Buenos Dias! Wee ventured out to Chichen Itza.This has definitely been on our bucket list.It’s one of the most famous archeological sites.It’s probably the pyramid that you think of when you see or hear about the Riviera Maya or the Yucatan peninsula. It’s super famous.It’s definitely very touristic. And because of it, it’s really expensive,like shockingly expensive compared to other pyramid sites.It was 80 pesos to park our scooter in the parking lot.And then it was 533 pesos per person and if you went to film with our GoPro, it’s 45 pesos extra,they took our microphone and made us keep it behind the door at the gate when they saw it. So if our audio sucks right now, I’m really sorry.And then if you want a guide to be able to actually get familiar with the area,learn a little bit more about the Mayan culture, what happened here,important sites, that’s going to be a thousand pesos.We thought our time at Calakmul was expensive, but this trumps it.Chichin Itza was an important mayan city,believed to have had as many as 35,000 residents at its peak.Like other Mayan sites in the area, the city had several important buildings,including a market where goods were traded, residences, two cenotes,a ball court,and several temples used for various religious and political purposes.After the Spanish arrived, Chichen Itza was abandoned,later rediscovered and reconstructed by the Carnegie institution starting in1925. El Castillo,the city’s most iconic temple has 91 stairs and 365steps said to represent the days of the solar year.If you come to Chichen Itza on the spring or fall solstice,the sun aligns with the temple,creating the serpent in the shadows of the stairway,something thousands of people come each year to witness.

The Mayan ball game and tlachtli

wasn’t played for fun,but rather for ceremonial reasons. The game was intense,lasting sometimes several days and required the teams to score points by hitting a leather ball through a hoop without using their head,hands or feet. In the end,the captain of the winning team would be sacrificed. Along the ball court walls,hieroglyphics and inscriptions can be seen representing life at this time in cluding scenes of tlachtli players losing their heads.Throughout the city there are carvings of skulls and warriors which were used as an intimidation tactic for visitors from subordinate villages,and also document significant occurrences and beliefs of the time.Sacrifices were common practice for the Mayan people,and most offerings were placed on demi god statues now called Medium men.These messangers to the gods can be found in several locations around ChichenItza,including the Temple of the Warriors were it is believed the beeting hearts of enemies were offered after a successful battle.There are two senators here at Chichen Itza.One behind me is called sacred cenote and it’s believed that the Mayans actually used this cenote for sacrificial offerings to the God of the underworld.There was actually nine guides that they believed lived in the underworld and this was one of the ways to access or connect with them.The person that discovered the cenote back in 1901 that explored this area end up finding things like turquoise, jade, gold, silver,especially a lot of jewelry at the bottom,as well as human remains from children,which they believed they were sacrificing younger children after giving them an her bal drink. That would kind of be like medicinal mushrooms,I guess you could say, but to help them connect with the spirits.So this was a very important area for the Mayan culture.They believed the sacrifice of these children could help bring things like water or a good harvest. It was definitely done with intention and with purpose,it was never done just out of ill will. It is very warm here.So if you’re coming a little tip. Make sure you bring water, have a hat,have sunscreen so that you don’t get burned, because it’s pretty much out in the open.There’s also tons of little vendors and stalls selling all different things you can take home. So eagle scale of coolness, what’s your consensus.I’d give it a five because it has a lot of features that none of the other archeological sites have. And yes, a lot of them are restored, so they’re not original, but they’re still here.So it’s still rad to see what it would look like when it was still in here.And there are enough buildings and grounds for you to feel like you really, really explore, but because of the price, I’m going to give it four eagles.Just because if you compare this to Teotihuacan,which costs 80 pesos per person,it just seems like they know that they have a ton of tourists coming from the Cancun/Tulum region and they charged for it. And that’s kind of disappointing.Yeah.Even call Calakmul was cheaper and you had to work to get to call Calakmul,move.And three times the amount of pyramids to explore there.Yup. And the guide was all day, not just two and a half hours like here.Super glad we came. Glad we paid,but I think you can still get really cool experiences elsewhere.If you have a chance to visit other pyramids as well, for cheaper.We got back to the scooter, and it won’t start.Did something weird the other day where it flashed, a light on the dash.That’s supposed to indicate that the fob battery was dying..From the help from the taxi drivers.They first tested our battery to see if it was the actual battery by jumping it,but nothing even happened. So then we realized it was definitely the key fob.Luckily they called one of their friends,the friends brought over a few of the batteries at fit and key fobs.Unfortunately it wasn’t the right size.So one of the guys actually took out the battery from his key fob for his motorcycle at his house and gave it to us who we paid for it.Of course we tipped the nicely, but we’re back on the road.It’s always an adventure on the X-max.We had a long day of the pyramid and dealing with the scooter problems and a 45minute ride home. So we didn’t want to cook.So we got pizza and french fries.Yeah!Just as we were preparing to go to bed,then this looked off my pillow and there’s a scorpion. Floridians are not used to scorpions.I didn’t even know there were scorpions in the Yucatan.I’m just glad they did not sting our cats!Like how did it get in?And is there more behind the wall? Like, Oh,okay. Okay. It’s in the jar is in the jar and it’s.You very good though. Uh, check him out. Whoa,we just got a new pet scorpion in our bed.Even though it’s a scorpion, we are not catching kill this.This sucker will be released back into the wild, but far away from our RV.In Virginia, we had lady bugs and stink bugs invade us. In Mexico, he first trip we had like flies.Now scorpions.This is probably the strangest thing we’ve had to kick out of the RV. I’m just curious,like what’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever found in your RV as far as like bug or animal, like leave in the comments below,because this is definitely one for the books here,scorpion in the bed. No, thank you.Ready.

Let’s do this We’re finally leaving Valladolid

It was such an amazing time.This is definitely a spot you want to dedicate a decent amount of time to explore the general area, the cenotes, the food, the culture.There is a lot to do. And see here, we really hoped you enjoyed this video.And actually both of our vital videos. If you haven’t seen the first one,make sure to hop back and check that one out.You can also get a tour of where we stayed in our RV.That was an amazing place in and of itself.We’re going to give you a bonus video that will come out on Friday at 6:00 PMEST.So make sure that you are subscribed and ring that bell so that you’re alerted when a new video drops even bonus videos like the one that’s coming out this Friday. We’ll see you next week!Finally, let me go.Oh God. I’m terrible at this year. Oh, okay.I’m still terrible at this. Okay.We’ll leave this to the shop. Grace full grace power and grace.I gotta get out of here. I’m literally getting eaten alive.I like the mosquitoes are like bouncing off of me. Oh.English All From your search Islands Tourist attractions Hiking Related From Eat See RV/Recently

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