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5 In-Season Softball Strength & Conditioning Workout Tips 2021

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5 In-Season Softball Strength & Conditioning Workout Tips 2021

5 In-Season Softball Strength & Conditioning Workout Tips 2021

What’s up softball players let’s go over some in season softball workout tips So in season strength training is really, really important. You have to keep your strength up this season is so long,especially for softball, where you play a lot in the fall,where you’re in season period, quote, unquote, and there’s all my air quotes, it could be six months, or even little more,depending on some sort of elite travel teams. So you really can’t afford to miss your workouts for all of your inseason, you know, period of the year, you can’t just say I’m going to take off during the season, just live in the off season, that’s just not not going to be good enough,especially when you consider that if you’re playing that muchsoftball, you’re probably pretty serious about it. And you probably want to play at the collegiate level. So in today’s video, we’ll give you a couple tips that are really important.

That may feel a little counterintuitive to you. That can definitely help you get better workouts during the season while also being fresher and less fatigued and sore for your games.Alright, so if you’re new here, I’m Coach Dan Blewett. I do tons of softball workout mindset, throwing mechanics, armcare, all that stuff. So if you’re new here Stick around. I’ve got lots of videos if you peruse around my channel. So in today’s video, let’s talk about in season work out tips. And we’ll jump right into it the number one thing, or at least the first thing is you want to pick exercises that are going to have less of a soreness factor toyour workout.

So I’ll give you a great example this, the Romanian dead lift, which is a great exercise for your hamstrings,for your glutes for your lower back. It’s a lot safer than the traditional like from the floor barbell deadlift. The RDL is agre at exercise. But in my programs, I typically relegate that more to the offseason because the fact is, when you do an RDL, it tends to produce more soreness, causing your hamstrings to really stretch a lot in the E centric, which is the lowering phase of the exercise. So when you lift the weight, so in a push up, when you push yourself away,

that’ sthe concentric phase when you lower yourself back down, that’ sthe Eccentric phase. So an RDL, when you’re lowering the ballare back down your shins, that’s the Eccentric that tends to cause a lot of soreness. Another exercise that does not cause much soreness is the barbell hip thrust. This one is a good example, because it’s got a strong concentric phase. But the glutes don’t get as sore as the hamstrings tend to, even though they’re great for maintaining strength and size and speed during the season. So with your workout program, you want toad just some of the exercise choices, it could be rdls, it could be reducing the amount of chin ups that you do reducing some of the deadlift varieties you do reducing some of the one leg things you do so lunges cause a lot more soreness, theneven two legged squats would so I would do front squats more than I would do lunges during the season. Because again, you just don’t want to have a great workout and then be cripplingly sore and stiff, not gonna move very well for your game. So having a strength coach or someone that can help youth rough those, those exercise choices is really, really important. And figuring out what you can and can’t do during yourseason. The next tip, and this is also a really big one.

And this one seems counterintuitive, because what most people want todo is they want to reduce the amount of weight they lift, and do more reps thinking that this is going to cause them to befres her and not be as fatigued, they feel like the weight is the thing that fatigues and which is actually the opposite. So if you’re going to do say you’re doing squats with 100 pounds,it’s just use that number. And you can do 100 pounds for 12reps, that’s going to make you more fatigued and sore because you just have a greater volume of work doing that 100 pounds for 12 reps than if you did say 150 pounds on the squat bar for three reps. Now the big thing that we want to do during the season is maintain our strength and maintain our size. And the other thing that lifting heavier weights does and you can lift the heavier weight when you do it for less reps is that it forces more neuromuscular recruitment. And so that mean sit’s going to stimulate more of your available muscle fibers todo the job. So if you if you max out a 200 pounds on the squat,and whenever you do 200 pounds,

it’s gonna recruit pretty much all of your muscle fibers to do that squat because it’s very heavy for you. If you’re only doing 100 pounds, when you cansqu at 200 as your max, your body doesn’t have to recruit all of your muscle fibers and what’s called motor motor units, which are sort of like a, it’s like a motor unit recruits many muscle fibers within a motor unit. So basically, your body’s gonna recruit less available muscle fiber thus stimulate less of your muscles when you do less weight. So the goal here during the season is to do a higher percentage of your max. So maybelike 80 or 90%, which is pretty heavy, but do it for less reps they normally would. So let me give you an example that if I could squat 200 pounds for one rep and I could squat 180 pounds for three reps. I might do 150 pounds for three reps. So that way I’m doing 150 pounds, which is pretty heavy. But I could do it for maybe like five or six reps but I’m only going to do it for three so it’s stimulating me in a strong Way getting my muscles, that neuromuscular stimulation that’s going to keep them from getting smaller. But it’s not going to make me so tired because the true Max, but it is going to keep my size and my strength up longer. I don’t want to go into too much math,but that’s generally how you do it. So if you took what you would do for five reps, and then you did that for just three reps, that would be typically an appropriate weight for during the season, because again, it’s counterintuitive. But if you did five sets of three reps, it’s gonna make you a lot less fatigued than three sets of 12 reps. All right, the next one is you want to throttle up and throttle down and just your workouts in a given week in the three different categories ligh tand medium and heavy. And that might seem obvious, but most people don’t do this on their programs, they just pretty much have one intensity for every single workout. But if you’re if you have a game tomorrow, and you need to work out today, you want to do a lighter workout where it’s just got maybe fewer exercises, or less intense exercises, if you got like two or three days for your next game, you might do a medium work out. And then there’s gonna be a higher volume,

there’ll be more exercise and maybe some harder ones. And then if you have like, you know, three or four days for your next, your next game, you might do a very heavy workout where you’re getting all your heaviest hardest lifts, and you’re getting a little more volume because you have more days to recover. That’s just an example of how you would do that. But typically, zero or one day is rest, you might do a light work out, one to two days rest, you probably do a mediumin tensity workout. And then more and more than two days rest,which is like three days or more, you probably do a heavy work out. But in a given week, you might do one heavy, one medium and one light depending on just the way it’s structured.Because you might have a game on Wednesday, you might have a game on Friday, then you might have two on Saturday two on Sunday,it’s it’s can be very variable. So that’s a really important part is the throttle up and throttle down and adjust thein tensity and volume of each workout so that it fits your week a little bit better. My next tip is that you want to what’s called auto regulate and auto regulation. The big word,it’s actually really simple just means to listen to your body an dad just your max for that day. So say I can lift 200 pounds in the squat. Alright. And that’s like my max typically. But today, Ijust had two games on the weekend, I’m pretty tired. Andas I’m building up, I’m like 200 pounds seems impossible today, I could probably do 180 pounds. So autoregulation would be I’m taking my max as 180 pounds rather than my max as 200.Because 200 is kind of theoretical, it’s like if it was perfect, and I was really fresh. Yeah, I could do 200. But today,which is which is today, I can only do 180. So my one rep max today is 180. So I’m going to build my workout around that 180mark and build up in the squat. Assuming that 180 is my max rather than assuming 200 is because you don’t want to have this this imaginary number that’s not realistic.

If you’re really tired or just starting get a little beaten down over the course of the season. That’s what all the best Olympiclifters and power lifters do. They don’t always rigidly stay on, no, I can do one rep or no, I could do this for three reps.Therefore I’m going to do it. That’s how you get your self hurt. You need to listen to your body and throttle up and throttle down and say okay, yeah, I could usually do 100pounds on the bench press. But like today, I just I’m a little worn out, I can only do 85. So therefore my five rubber myeight rep is going to be you know, 125 or I don’t know what I’m ready to choose, but you get it. That’s the point. So it’s just it’s it’s taking your max, and then all the other lower numbers below it, and basing it off that max that really is about how you feel today. My last tip is just simply to not stop lifting heavy. So when you’re lifting in the offseason,it’s easy to like work really hard, have hard workouts and try to push heavier and heavier weights. And a lot of times player get this players get in this mindset during the season where they just want to back off and they just want to be fres hall the time. But if you’re always obsessed about being fresh, when you’re 13 1415 years old, you’re going to miss too many workouts and you’re going to give too many workouts away and give too much intensity and volume away we’re by time you’re1617 you’re just not going to be as big and strong as you would have been if you’d push a little bit harder when you’re younger.

At the end of the day, being perfectly fresh for your games at 13 1415. And even 16 years old, doesn’t matter that much.You know, if you work a little bit hard in the gym, and you’re a little and you’re just like slightly tired, you’ve you’ve lost a little bit of a step for your game, probably better for you in the long term than always being like perfectly fresh and having really sort of, you know, half intensity workouts through out your whole in season period, which could be again six or more months out of the year, which is a lot. So you can’t give away all of your workouts trying to be perfectly fresh,and never be fatigued for any games. I think there’s always a little bit that you should give away. I do this throughout my base ball career. All the softball and baseball players,you know, if they just weren’t big and strong and physical enough to be recruited today, we continue to push a little harder because Alright, let’s get you let’s get you recruitable first,then worry about having you fresh, then right I think that makes more sense. Again, it’s not to say you’re beaten down and exhausted cuz we definitely don’t want that either. But that little bit where you could push a little bit harder and over along period. Time that makes a big difference. That’s probably what most of you should be doing. If you’re not there yet where your body isn’t physically developed strength wise and sizewise to say, I’m ready to be recruited to be a college softball player. Alright, so thanks for watching. If you have any questions about workouts, leave in the description below.Check out the description links for my online strength strength,my online strength training program called early work. It’s built for softball players if you need a new program, we’ve got you covered.

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