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13 Healthy Food Staples

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13 Healthy Food Staples

13 Healthy Food Staples

Let’s start off with answering the age old question.

What is a well balanced diet?In simple terms, it is a type of diet that fulfills a person’s nutritional requirement.This includes greens, fresh seasonal fruits, good fats, protein and some carbs along with lots of water.However, throwing together a nutritious meal requires a well stocked kitchen.If you glance at your kitchen pantry and don’t see anything healthy, then your pantry definitely needs an upgrade.Not only is a well stocked pantry weirdly satisfying but it is necessary for leading a healthy life.So which healthy staples should do the job?Is extra virgin olive oil a must have?Oats should be an obvious choice, right?What about nuts and seeds?Today we are discussing all this and much more!So stay tuned till the end to learn about all the healthy staples you need in your kitchenASAP!Nonfat greek yogurt Nonfat greek yogurt is no fad and is popular among health freaks and lactose intolerant people.Around 6 ounces packs over 15 grams of protein.It can be an awesome low-cal and low-fat substitute for mayo and sour cream.Although almost every type of yogurt shares high nutritional value it stands out with the creamy texture and its ability to make you feel full with adding on just a few calories.Sounds like the perfect addition to your weight loss meal.What’s your favourite kind of yogurt?Tell us in the comments section!Extra virgin olive oil No surprises here!Take this as a sign and stock up with extra virgin olive oil!While olive oil in general is good for you extra virgin olive oil is better.It has more polyphenols than the regular kind which offers a wide range of health benefits.Adding it to your food will improve blood cholesterol, assist in weight loss, manage blood pressure better and the list could go on for a while.What’s more, it tastes better!It keeps your body healthy from within and is also great for your skin and hair health.Grain bread Bread has always been a controversial topic.Is whole grain better than brown?

We are here to clear up the confusion.While shopping for bread look for the one that contains at least 5 grams of fiber perslice.Grain breads are the perfect healthy staple because, well…who doesn’t like bread?Other than the fiber, whole grain bread stands way higher on the nutritional chart than any other type.They include, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, plant compounds and even protein!Swap your regular bread with nutritionally dense whole grain bread to keep your hear thealthy and diabetes in check.Beans Beans are one of the most inexpensive sources of protein you can find. Lowkey, they’re a superfood.There are many types of beans you can choose from and when I say many…I mean many.Some of the most popular varieties include lima, black, kidney, garbanzo, red, pinto and soybeans.No matter what you choose, beans are super high in amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.It can be added to any meal and will protect the heart, reducing the chances of certaincancers.Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar has multiple uses in thekitchen.From an all purpose cleaner to adding a burst of flavor in any salad dressing or sauce,it can do a lot more than it gets credit for.Just the fact that ACV is antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and is loaded with antioxidants, should be enough for you to add it to your pantry.If you are looking to lose weight, relieve sunburns and ease heartburn and indigestion then ACV is for you.Coconut oil Coconut oil has always been popular, but what makes it a public favorite?Unlike other oils, coconut oil is burned as energy and not stored as fat.When hunting for coconut oil, choose one that says cold-pressed, unrefined and organic.

Widely marketed as a superfood, this oil contains ketones that are hugely beneficial for thebrain.It is also food for your heart, boosts good cholesterol and reduces harmful abdominal fat.Did you know you can use it as mouthwash and lower the risk of common cold and other internal infections?Eggs Chances are, you already have eggs in your kitchen but if you don’t then time to reload!These nutrient bombs are rich in high quality protein, omega 3 fatty acids and choline,a unique element that plays a key role in a healthy brain, liver function and hearthealth.Eggs are the ultimate choice for people looking to build muscle.Packed with micronutrients they are surprisingly good for weight loss because they burn fat and boost metabolism.However, don’t go for the regular white eggs.Choose brown or organic which are free from contamination like pesticides and antibiotics.Quinoa We’re not the first to tell you that quinoais a super grain or seed because it’s both!Even if you are not a fan, you should definitely have it in your pantry keeping because eating it regularly can ward off certain cancers!The goodness doesn’t stop there, quinoa is also anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and even anti-depressant!The fiber content is also much higher than most grains.It’s a great replacement for rice or salad and goes well with assorted veggies and chicken.Sea salt Salt is very difficult to escape.

One thing you can do is limit the amount of salt you have in a day.Excess salt can contribute to a range of diseases and it’s scary because this mostly goes unnoticed.Here’s where sea salt comes into play!While adopting a healthier diet you can sprinkle some sea salt on your foods for a pop of flavor and to manage blood pressure and hydration.Add it to your bath and you say goodbye to your skin issues.From kitchen to bath there is use for sea salt everywhere!Before we move on, did you know that too much salt can be harmful for you?Check out these 7 warning signs you’re eating too much salt.Now back to healthy staples that you should always have in your kitchen.Tomato paste Chances are you already have this in yourkitchen.This has to be one of the most common ingredients for any dish.Tomato paste offers a rich punch of flavor and health benefits, too.With about zero fat, tomato paste won’t cause weight gain and deserves to be a regular feature in your meals.Tomato paste is used as a base for ketchup, juices, curries, chili, beef,

marinara or any dish to enhance the flavor and provide a thick texture.Banana Bad at picking fruit?Banana can be your go to.Bananas are the perfect snack that provide a boost of energy when the afternoon lethargy hits.Other than that, bananas should be a regular in your pantry because they’re one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world and the best part?They’re cheap and can be found anywhere!Bananas contain fiber and antioxidants that aid digestion and support heart health.The resistant starch feeds the good bacteria in your gut and protects from colon cancer.Oatmeal Move over waffles and pancakes, oatmeal ishere.Oats are among the healthiest grains in the world.Not only are they gluten free but are excellent sources for vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.Commonly eaten for breakfast oats are incredibly nutritious.They are also loaded with plant compounds called polyphenols and rich quality antioxidants that are only found in oats.The fiber in oats is not ordinary fiber, they help reduce blood sugar,

cholesterol along with promoting gut health and give you a feeling of fullness. You should always have oats in your pantry for meals or healthy snacks .Garlic and onions It won’t be a stretch to say that garlic and onions are the backbone of many cuisines.Together they create a delicious flavor that takes any dish to a whole new level.Both offer incredible health benefits and adding them regularly into your meals, raw or cooked, can reduce the risk of various illnesses, diabetes and heart disease.Favored for their long shelf life and versatility, onions and garlic are two staples you should always have. Your health and well being depends entirely on what in gredients you have in the kitchen.

So making the right choices while stocking up your pantry will be beneficial for you and your family’s health.You don’t have to spend a lot to eat healthy, all it takes is realising the correct balance of food and making the best of what you have available.If you are looking for more healthy food check out…The 50 healthiest foods that you should eat regularly.Also make these 20 effortless food swaps to cut thousands of calories.Be sure to watch both these videos for more amazing ideas on what to add to your kitchen.What is the one healthy staple that you cannot do without?Share your preferences in the comments section below.

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